Friday, July 30, 2021

Las Casas de Filipinas de Acuzar ~ Pandemic Mode

We have been coming back to Las Casas for years now. It is one of our favorite go-to places to take our balikbayans. Its charm grew on us and we just kept on coming back for more.

Check out these links from our previous Las Casas' visits since 2013:

Our latest stay was last June, with city/provincial borders easing up a bit, we were finally able to exercise our idle and itching feet.

Travel Requirement as of June 2021 (Remember to always check on the latest travel requirements) 
1.) Valid ID  
2.) Hotel Confirmation Voucher (printed out for check points)  
3.) QR Code from GET PASS App 
4.) Negative COVID19 RT-PCR test result issued within 72 hours from date of arrival in Bataan 
5.) Filled up  (at least 1 day before your arrival in Bataan) 

Compared to our last visit (pre-Covid years) we have noticed new buildings and houses erected.  
It has become more beautiful than before. And since there were very few guests this time, the atmosphere is more tranquil and peaceful.

We did not join the walking tour anymore as we've already done that for a couple of times before.  We walked our way around instead of taking the resort's transportation.  The goal, I guess is simply to enjoy the moment (oh, yeah and take pictures).

We occupied a deluxe room fronting the beach.  

If you are in a mood for Spanish cuisine, try Cafe Marivent, its riverside location is a perfect choice for more romantic dinners. La Bella Teodora if you are craving for Italian dishes.  The last time we dined here, there was even live music.   Hubby was, however, craving for Filipino food, so we settled for Cocina ni Nanay Maria.  


For booking inquiries please visit their Las Casas Filipinas de Acurar
or Contact (02) 8833-3333 loc 116-117 (9am to 5pm)

Resort Review: Port Antonio Farm and Resorts at Los Baños Laguna

We went to Los Baños for the weekend to celebrate the full vaccination (including the 2 weeks additional waiting period) of my senior parent's.  

It was their first "laboy" after two years, so obviously they were excited.  

My family rented Port Antonio Farm and Resort.  It is an open air 3 hectares resort. With game cocks and ostrich farm occupying about a 3rd of the resort.   

Parking is not a problem at Port Antonio.

One of the handful of cottages you would see in the area.  I think this is the owner's cottage whenever they visit the farm.

Our family of 10 (2 seniors, 7 adults and a child, age 8) was placed in two (2) family rooms and one (1) twin room.  The family rooms were adequate, but my parents who occupied the twin rooms were not so amused.  My mom kept on complaining that there is no place to seat down, except on the bed, (which she doesn't want to get wet after dipping in the pool).  This was just a minor setback as we've mostly spent our time in the dining area which was nicely located by the pool.   

What we liked about Port Antonio: 

  1. Fresh air and plenty of greens.
  2. Hot dipping pool and a warm water lap pool, perfect for night swimming.
  3. The rooms are clean, linen crisp and spotless.
  4. The owners were very responsive and easy to talk to, transaction was smooth and untroubled.
  5. The caretakers were very helpful and extended an extra mile in making sure we enjoy our stay.  My mom was craving "pandesal" for breakfast and they nicely offered to run errands for us.  They were the tastiest too. My mom regretted for not buying more.  
  6. We got to take home freshly picked okra from the caretakers' own vegetable garden. 

 Our Still Memories from Port Antonio

Look at my parent's grin (parang mga nakatakas sa kulungan...)

My niece and my boy... doing their sexy poses :P

Me and Hubby  with our "Feeling Luneta poses"! 

I swear, those ostriches knew their picture is being taken...

My youngest with Laguna de Bay as his background.

NOTE: Frogs started coming at around sundown which frightened the girly-girly me a bit, which my boys found amusing.  Expect bugs and insects as well as this is a farm stay,  just remember to have an insect repellent (preferably organic) on hand and you will live.  

For Reservation Inquiries:
Call +63 917 846 0077; or 

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Cintai Corito's Garden Resort ~ Bali feels in Balete Batangas

Covid 19 locked us in our homes for what seemed like an eternity!

I am really excited, businesses are slowly opening up again.  The economy so needs a boost.  So for the next two (2) years we are postposing international travels and simply experience "Local".  

Our first out of town trip is at Cintai Corito's Garden  The resort was named after the Indonesian word for "Love", "Cintai" and the owner's wife named "Coritos" who unfortunately died of terminal illness.  True to it's name, "Cintai Coritos" is a testament of the owner's love for Madam Coritos.

This Balinese-inspired resort is less than two (2) hours drive from Manila and very accessible via the STAR Tollway.     


As we drove in to the resort's gate ~ we were easily transported to paradise.  It is obvious that a lot of love went through maintaining Cintai's beautifully landscaped garden.  

We also can't help but wonder the dedication and passion that went through building a place this grand.  The owners spared no cent in making sure the resort hits the "Bali theme" mark.   

The place is  really beautiful, peaceful.  It is the perfect place to unwind.


We booked the resort via Agoda,  I have unclaimed rewards from 2019 (back in the days, when travelling used to be easy) near expiry.  

I booked a Terrace Villa (60 sqm, 2 Queen Beds, Refrigerator, Terrace), but thanks to an Agoda promo we got an automatic room upgrade to a Garden Villa  (75 sqm, 3 Queen Beds, Refrigerator, Terrace) with option for late check-out (Yay!). 

We arrive at the resort at 1pm, hoping to get an early check-out.  But sadly, they were a bit strict on their check-in policy and was asked to wait.  It was fine though, as we haven't eaten and took our extra time to have lunch at "Abadi's", Cintai's restaurant.  


My boys ordered each a club sandwich, while me and my husband shared pad thai, Cintai's signature salad and grilled tuna belly.  Our orders were good, but not to die for.

Grilled Tuna Belly (P485)

Pad Thai (P355)

Club House Sandwich (P325)

Cintai Signature Salad (P385)


For dinner, we requested for room service.  We ordered, classic American burger and fish fillet sandwich for the boys, Batangas lomi, pad thai (again) with suman con tsokolate and tablea cake for dessert. All orders were spot on delicious.  Sadly we forgot to take photos of our order.  The lomi and suman con tsokolate are highly recommended.  

Set breakfast, comes with our accommodation. My boys had longaniza, while I had daing na bangus.  Their breakfast meals were delicious.  Coffee is to so good here (and you can ask for a refill, skip the sugar and try with either the suman or tablea cake).



Room was available at 2pm sharp, not a moment later. We stayed at the Villa 11 and was quite a walk down a flight of steps.  I pity our poor porter carrying our heavy bags.

Infamous steps.  

The route though was scenic and young ONES will surely be entertained with the various fauna and flora along the way. 

The Garden Villa is huge and comfortably fit three (3) queen sized beds. Not much to see inside the rooms though (yes no TV, no phone either).  Which is not a problem, as there is much to see outside. 

Happy to say, there is a bidet :P
There are huge cabinets and drawers, which I was too scared to open (and so didn't). 

Basic toiletries

The room opens to a patio, which would have been nice, if not for soldier ants occupying the area.

The patio ~ soldier ants marching.  I am so not invading their turf!  They can have it!


  • Please be forewarned, it is a huge resort which requires a lot of walking and going up and down flights of steps;  TIP: Take a photo of the resort map (near the reception area).  It would come in handy.  I have included a photo of the resort below for easy reference;  
  • There is no complimentary internet connection;  
  • No TV in your room;
  • No phone/intercon inside the room to call room service/house keeping (You would have to make your way up and down those steps if you need something)  
  • Not really sure if they have hot/cold water in the shower, but we sure were not lucky to get any;
  • There is only one (1) restaurant and menu options slightly limited; Serving is small (an order good for 1-2 persons) and a bit expensive; Food service was also a bit slow, not sure but maybe they are working on limited manpower.   
  • We were required to submit antigen test, but was dismayed to see they are open to day tour walk-ins mixing with their in-house guests.   Walk-ins are excepted from submitting negative antigen test. 


  • Near Manila and very accessible; Great for a quick getaway,
  • The place is clean and well kept;  It is tranquil and perfect for much needed rest and relaxation, away from the craziness of work;
  • The resort is perfect for taking photos.  Every nook is "Instagram" worthy!
  • Staff were accommodating, but not intrusive.  

Here are some of the pictures we have taken~

They have pools (I think I saw 2 or 3, not sure)  but we did not get to swim.  

A play ground for your toddlers ~ a nice add on!  

Elephant bar ~ I think they serve drinks and cocktails here.  
But it was close when we visited.

Opps, sorry I don't think, coconut picking is free!

Animals roams free here~ 

For inquiries ~
Address Sitio Pandayan, Malabanan, Balete, Batangas


Las Casas de Filipinas de Acuzar ~ Pandemic Mode

We have been coming back to Las Casas for years now. It is one of our favorite go-to places to take our balikbayans.  Its charm grew on us a...