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Holy Land 2019 ~ The Lost City of Petra (DAY 11 ~ JORDAN)

DAY 11 - The City of Petra

For this leg of our journey, we stayed at the Petra Panorama Hotel.  It is located on a mountain overlooking the city of Petra.    The view from our hotel balcony is a peak of what's to come later in the day ~ 

It was about 4 degrees outside and the Siberian Wind was making it worse for my tropic-built body.  Remember to wear warm clothes.  Wear gloves and a beanie hat to keep you warm.  For additional heat, I also brought with me heat packs I got from Lazada (I added a link here for your reference>>> heat pack).Able bodied individuals would take 15-20 minutes (normal strides, with regular stops for admiring the scenery and taking photos) to reachThe Treasury (which is the first structure you would see as you enter the City)However, if you are not up for the walk, for an additional fee, you can hire a golf cart or ride a horse carriage.  
Off to Petra
Walking towards Petra is remarkably breathtaking.  I imagine myself travelling the harsh d…
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Holy Land 2019 ~ Mount Tabor (DAY 10 ~ ISRAEL - JORDAN)

DAY 10 - The Long Travel to Jordan 

Today is our last day in Israel.  I felt there is so much more to see and things to do here and our stay in this blessed country is simply not enough.  I swore we will be back ~ next time hopefully with our family.

Our last stop is Mount Tabor (The Mount of Transfiguration).

In early days, pilgrims needed to climb 4300 steps to reach the summit.   We got lucky, since now, there are shuttle taxi buses (the steep curves makes it difficult for big buses to climb the Mountain) for an easier ascend.

This fig tree is a welcome treat when we arrived at Mount Tabor.

In the Book of Genesis, it is said that Adam and Eve used fig leaves to cover their nudity after eating the forbidden fruit from the tree of good and evil.

Finally on top of Mount Tabor ~