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Our Taiwan Island Excusion ~ Part 2

Taiwan is such a scenic country!  It has grand towering mountains and a long stretch of pristine coastline.  Our eyes burst in delight!
Our 1 to 3 of our 5 days tour of Taiwan brought us to Kaohsiung and Kenting.  Our next county in the itinerary is Hualien, where the very first National Park of Taiwan is located, the Taroko Gorge!
Day 04 - Thursday
Taitung-East Coast National Scenic Area-Hualien 
Taitung-East Coast National Scenic Area (Xiaoyeliu-Sanxiantai-Shitiping-Fanshuliao)-Marble Factory and Exhibition Hall-Hualien-Swallow Grotto 
Hotel: Silks Place Taroko 
En route Hualien is a smorgasbord of breathtaking coastline ~ On board the bus, you have the grand mountains on your left and the pristine water on the right!  My eyes are impressed.The geographical landscape at Xiaoyeliu is  exceptional, resulting from inverted sandstone and mudstone layers.

As Sanxiantai with the Dragon Bridge as our background.The Taroko Gorge is amazing ~ it is a wonder of nature!  We were made to were saf…
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Our Taiwan Island Excusion ~ Part 1

We were determined to see Taiwan's beautiful coastlines and grand, towering mountains so we left Taipei City and toured its outskirts ~ Kaohsiung, Kenting, Taitung and Hualien!  

We wanted to get the most of our limited time in Taiwan so we simplified our lives and booked an arranged 5 days Taiwan Island via Edison Tours 

Arrangement was done primarily via email.  Booking was fast and convenient; And our tour was hassle free, from beginning to end.  We enjoyed Taiwan without worrying of getting lost and wasting our precious time. It was overall relaxing ~ the way all vacations should be.

With less than 20 people (consisting of an American family, an Australian and Malaysian couples and a local Taiwanese family) in our group, our guide did quite well managing his guests.    

Our guide would explain everything twice, once in English and once in Chinese.  The downside was, I would fall asleep as he mumbles stuff in Chinese until he start talking in English again.

Our tour is inclusive of:…

Taiwan Day 2 - Jiufen and Pinxi Tour

Our Day 2 is one of Taiwan's most popular day tours ~  Jiufen and Pinxi

Jiufen and Pinxi are relatively near Taipei.  Jiufen the nearer of the two is only about 40 minutes by private car.  A DIY is a viable option, but we want a worry free tour and so we opted to simply book a tour via My Taiwan Tours. Click on this link to their website ~ MY TAIWAN TOUR.

Our Jiufen and Pinxi Tour is an eight (8) hours day tour which includes: hotel pick up and drop off (via a 9 seater sedan), a local guide  and a sky lantern crash course :P
Our ride for today

Arrangement via My Taiwan Tour was fast and easy.  They contacted me 2-3 days before our schedule, which assured me everything will go as planned.  
Lucy our guide was at our hotel doorsteps early to pick us up.  She is energetic and bubbly. Her enthusiasm is contagious, enough to make us feel excited of our day's itinerary. It was clear that she loves Taiwan and she is proud to show-off its beauty!

Our first stop ~ Jinguashi is a  mi…