For our DAY 4 in Tokyo, we went to UENO PARK.  

We left ASAKUSA at 8am for UENO Park.  Ueno is just 3 stops from Asakusa via the Ginza Line.

830am - Breakfast at Hard Rock Café.  We wanted to fill our tummy big time, before touring Ueno's huge park.

Ueno Park is a vast area comprising of a zoo, a huge pond and numerous museums.  It is generally a good  place to go people watching especially on weekends. Tons of Japanese families head here with their children for some family bonding time.
We came in a little late for the Sakura festival ~ when cherry trees are I full bloom.  We were just glad that there were still a few cherry blossom trees lining Ueno park when we visited (I guess they were waiting for us).

There were a lot people performing in the park to keep guests entertained (there where various dancing, playing musical instruments and even magicians). We chanced upon this group of Japanese in kimono doing, which we guessed is a traditional Japanese dancing.

There was a little drizzle of rain, so instead of doing Ueno Zoo, we decided to do one of Ueno's multitude of museums - NATIONAL MUSEUM OF NATURE AND SCIENCE.

TIP: Compared to MIRAIKAN, which we visited in Odaiba, the National Museum of Nature and Science offers an English Guide that guests can rent.  I recommend you rent one to make your tour of the museum more worthwhile.

The English Guide is so easy to operate.  You can request one at the admission counter.

TIP: Don't miss Theater 360degrees. This movie theater in the round is enough reason to visit this museum. 

We left the park at 4pm and headed to Ameyoko. It is a Japaness version of  Manila's Divisoria, but clean.  Prices of goods here is lower compared to the ones I have seen in Nakamise in Asakusa.
It is good place to do your "pasalubong shopping". 

Before heading home, we had dinner at Fridays. 
We were famished from all our walking and needed the carbo to bring us home.

Happy Day today...  nobody got lost :P

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