DAY 2 - TOKYO JAPAN (Welcome to Odaiba)

Aside from Tokyo Disneyland Resort, ODAIBA is the next best children's paradise in Tokyo.  It has everything to keep busy bodies ~ (really) busy.

We left the condo at 8am to have breakfast at McDonalds (the boys were missing their burgers).

Sorry... no rice here.

From Asakusa, we took the Ginza line to Shimbashi Station, where we transferred to Yurikamome Line.  We initially wanted to try out the Sumida River Cruise via Himiko, however we find it's first trip schedule rather late. 

TIP: Note that on all these train transfers, our PASMO card can be used.


Our STOPS...

930am - STOP 1: MIRAIKAN (aka. National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation).

9th Station from Shimbashi is the Telecom Center Station.  It was a huge  5 level building housing various science exhibits.  However, there were very little (if none) English translations of the exhibits. This was a bit of a let down for tourist.  The exhibits though were hands down grand and looks well funded.

The huge globe at the back, runs multiple shows on various global nature concerns.

This girl right here is an android. She was moving and talking. I think she tried to make a conversation with us (but, you have guessed it right, she only speaks Japanese).

This is an actual rocket capsule. 

We were supposed to take the free Shuttle Bus serving Odaiba, but we were unsuccessful finding the stop at Miraikan... so we did the next best thing...WALK.

113am - STOP 2: DIVER CITY
We walked our way to Diver City where the famous life-sized Gundam is displayed (I am not a fan of Gundam,  I actually prefer "Shaider", but oh the stuffs you do when you travel with boys)

It was about 10 minutes (or more) walk from Miraikan. It could be quite a lot if you are tagging kids along, but the cool weather and the beautifully manicured garden kept us energized.

We had lunch at Diver City's food court.  It was a Japanese cuisine overload for us. We had such a hard time deciding what to eat (as everything looked delicious), we ended ordering from 3 food stalls. 

The food stalls either have a pictured menu or a fake food on display. You can just point at the ones you like, the food attendant will easily understand your cue.  You will be given a number which is also a buzzer.  It will buzz once your order is ready for pick up.

TIP: Bottled water is expensive (Y180-Y210 per bottled drink, depending on where you are buying). I think the cheapest we had was bought from 7 11 or  Family Mart convenience store. We bring our plastic water bottles and just refill them in strategically located drinking fountains (You would find these near rest rooms in food courts).

TIP: Weather is freezing cold, even is spring time. The temperature while we were there drops to a low 12 degrees, especially early mornings and night time. However, it can get pretty hot inside malls and museums, so better bring layered clothing, which you can easily take off when you are inside a building.

Diver City also houses the Hello Kitty Cafe and a Daiso. Now I am happy.

At Hello Kitty Café


Exploring Daiso, Odaiba 

We walked our way to PALETTE Town (yup more walking)

More boys' activities awaits us at Palette Town. We went to

History of Cars Garage (at Venus Fort) a premier museum of vintage cars.  The collection is really amazing.  My men's eyes drooled big time. 

Then off to TOYOTA MEGA WEB, a huge complex where you can see and even ride the latest and coolest cars to hit the market (at least the Japanese market).

TIP: You can also test ride cars, but you will be needing an international driver's license for that.

Just look at this hybrid - PINK car. It was really love at first sight :P 

We took the Yurikamome line from Aomi Station (located just outside Toyota Mega Web) then got off at Daiba Station. 

Aqua City has the best view of the Odaiba's Rainbow Bridge (a suspension bridge connecting Odaiba to the heart of Tokyo). 

Here we saw a replica of the Statue of Liberty

5pm - STOP 5: DECKS
Our next stop is DECKS, which is just a short stroll away Aqua City.  Decks houses numerous family friendly attractions such as: Trick Art Museum, LEGOLAND Discovery Center, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum and Joypolis Amusement Park

We have been to 3D Art Museums, LEGOLAND Malaysia and Madame Tussaud in Hongkong and Singapore, so we gave these a pass and headed straight to Sega Joypolis.  Joypolis is an indoor amusement park cross arcade.  It was a definite hit with my boys, who are both into arcades.  I don't think young children will enjoy it though.

TIP: Save on entrance fees. Present your passport and get discounted rates. We also availed of the Night Passport (5pm entrance) which cost only a fraction of the full ticket. To get the most of Joypolis, visit on a weekday. There were very few people when we came and was able to finish the major attractions in a hour.

(Sorry No Pictures, cameras were not allowed).

Instead you can view more of Joypolis in their website, link posted here - JOYPOLIS DECKS ODAIBA

From Joypolis we headed upstairs to Odaiba 1 Chome Shopping Steet. It is a good place to start souvenir shopping.

We also dropped by the Takoyaki (Octopus Balls) Museum. It is actually a food court selling Takoyaki specialties.   

I just fell in love with Takoyaki.

We left DECKS at 7pm.

From DECK, we walked our way to the nearest train station, which is Odaiba-Kaihin-Koen Station. From here we again took the Yurikamome line to Shimbashi Station, before transferring back to Ginza Line to go home to Asakusa.

730pm - We forgot we only had small portions of Takoyaki at DECKS for dinner, so we headed to 7 11 for some pastries and ramen, before finally retiring at 9pm.

Good night my tired (but happy) feet :P 

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  1. When I was planning for our Tokyo trip, I included Gundam and replica of Statue of Liberty but when I checked the location and travel, I just let it go. Malayo siya from hotel namin. Cute ng pink car.

  2. I would love to bring my kids to Japan! We're already taking them on various local trips to get them ready for international ones. Thanks for sharing these other places to visit aside for Disneyland. :D

  3. So that makes ODAIBA a happy place for the kids. I, too, would be thrilled, ihihih.

    And I agree. Despite having tired feet, we always feel the happiest kapag nakagala tayo. ihihi.

  4. wow!! Japaaaan!!! ♥ When will I ever be able to see you, Japan?! haha.

  5. Oh japan! See you soon! My cousin wants to.visit because of gundam and the pokemon center. Did you drop by there sa pokemon center? I think if E and I will go to Japan we will go there haha

  6. I like to go to Japan! I want to see the Hello Kitty Cafe and Daiso! :)

  7. I love to go to Japan too! I want to see Hello Kitty Cafe and Daiso. :)

  8. I'd love to go to the Hello Kitty Cafe and Daiso! But I'm sure my hubby and son will enjoy Diver City and Palette Town more. Of course, boys will be boys, right?

  9. Wow! So much to do for the whole family in Odaiba! Hubby and son love Gundam, so we'll definitely see Diver City when we go to Japan. -- Maria Teresa Figuerres

  10. I love Odaiba. It's in the city but the views are amazing.

  11. That hybrid pink car is so cute! I want one! And the talking robot is cool! Sayang lang she only speaks Japanese.


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