Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mothers' Day Treat at Kimberly Hotel Tagaytay

We were looking for a quiet place to relax and enjoy Mothers' Day in Tagaytay and found just that in Kimberly Hotel.
The hotel is tucked some 3-4 minutes away Tagaytay's busy Aguinaldo highway. 
It is not crowded nor noisy, which means honest to goodness relaxation time for you and your family. 
We stayed in a premier room with 2 queen beds. 
Room is clean and lived up to our expectations. The free buffet breakfast was just okay for me, but my dad loved it and went back for more than his usual servings.

We were greeted by Mr. Crab.  My youngest was so thrilled to see it.  He got a little upset, when I told him I will be needing Mr. Crab in the bathroom soon.

The hotel has a pool.  The size was good enough, however, I was dismayed that it wasn't heated. 

The cold water ain't stopping my boys though!!!

There is a play ground at the back of the hotel. This kept my kids occupied for a full hour. 

Kimberly unlike most Tagaytay hotels has the luxury of space.  My kids enjoyed running around the well manicured lawn.

a better view of the play ground

There are so many things to do inside this hotel,  you need not leave the hotel to enjoy Tagaytay.  There is also a fitness and recreation center at the hotel's ground floor, which guests may use for free.
The hotels lobby is huge with high ceiling. 

with my boys and pretty balikbayan tita
We love Kimberly Hotel!
Hotel Kimberly TagaytayBrgy. Kaybagal, Amadeo Road
Tagaytay City, Philippines

Tel: (63-2) 521 1888
Fax: (63-2) 526 7270

Monday, September 24, 2012

Rockpoint Hotspring Resort and Spa

It was a hush-hush weekend getaway for a family of 4 (consisting of  12 adults, 3 kids and 1 baby) for a budget a little under P5,000 inclusive of set breakfast. 
We got ourselves an overnight family room airconditioned-accommodation in Calamba Laguna's Rockpoint Hotspring Resort and Spa.  
We were travelling with oldies (shh! my mom is going to kill me if she reads this) so the decision to go to a hotspring was not by accident!   
We had a very good deal and I am happy, Rockpoint did not disappoint us. 
The resort is gated with a 24-7 guard for added security and an ample parking space.
Staff were friendly, accommodating and attentive.
Food was okay.  If you are not satisfied there are plenty of fastfood chains and Pinoy restaurants a few blocks away. 
The place ofcourse is not 5 stars, but you would obviously get more than what you paid for.  
the resort's zen inspired mini garden just outside the reception hall

getting ready for our free beakfast :P

soothing and relaxing hotspring water
Sarap maligo :)
It was unfortunate, we never got to experience their spa :)  maybe next time!
For more information you may visit their website at
Rockpoint Hotspring Resort-Hotel & Spa
119 Alamat Road, Maria Makiling Hot Springs Village, Pansol, Calamba City, Laguna, Philippines 4027
Telephone: (+63) 02 520-8840
(63) 049 545-1372

TeleFax: (+63) 049 545-3235
Cellphone Number: 0928-505-7543


For some relaxation, before going to the rush-rush HKDL park, take a leisurely stroll around HKDL Hollywood Hotel's grounds - well kept, and trimmed, simply lovely. 

One could easily spend half a day touring the hotel's backdoor scenery.

The playground..., my youngest was like, WEEE!

The hotel's signage, very similar to the real Hollywood landmark.

Just bumming around and enjoying the view :)

There are cool replica cars all around the hotel.  Good for picture taking!

Cool car, cool dudes :)

The view - perfect!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Holiday Inn Galleria - Birthday Weekend

My family is addicted to staycations! 
We just love lazing in frill hotels, without really having to travel miles.
.. and nothing seems to beat hotels with direct access to malls :) 
What can say? Travel, relax, eat and shop: HEAVEN!
For my youngest son's 4th birthday, I found a real steal deal via group buying. 
I bought a 2 bedroom suite at Holiday Inn Galleria - good for 4 adults and 2 kids.
The package comes with a 2 BR suite (each with its own bathroom and a tub at the master's bath) huge living room, dining area and a bar, plus buffet breakfast.
It was absolutely perfect for my family and my recently married sister.
the master's bedroom

bedroom 2 was as cozy as the master's bedroom

the master's bath

sitting inside the master's bedroom

my kids - getting  a feel of the bar! - a few shots maybe?

dining and living room

the splendid buffet breakfast - my youngest just sad to go :(

Monday, September 17, 2012

Up and Down and Around Ocean Park HK

 Jumping back and forth
the Waterfront and the Summit at Ocean Park has now become easier.
You have the option to take the Ocean Express or do the popular scenic route via
OP's famous Cable car. 
The Ocean Express is a funicular train that transports riders to and fro OP's Waterfront and Summit in less that 10 minutes. 
It runs inside a tunnel that cuts through a mountain (I think). 
There is a mini show inside the train about creatures underneath the sea. Real cool!!!
It is a good alternative if you want to move low land to high land in a hurry. 
The entrance to the Ocean Express - swift and safe
The Ocean Express

Inside the Ocean Express

Not for the faint of heart is OP's Cable Car.
It takes you to a 30minutes or so uphill climb to the Summit.
Vista is great, but a little scary. 

Entrance to the Cable Car Station

Ain't scared, not at all :D
Its a long drop from up there,  quite scarry!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Ocean Park Shows

With so many cool stuffs to do at Ocean Park (OP), remember to pencil in the following - NOT TO BE MISSED attractions, in your itinerary
(1) Cool Shows at the Whiskers Theatre
Have fun watching the Sea Lion Fun Time. 
This show is sure to keep your kiddos interested.

(2) Ocean Theatre at the Marine World
See their latest show, "Sea Dreams" and  have fun watching dolphins and sea lions up close, while they perform - very entertaining!
Hmm, all seats taken...

No boring time at OP... my 4 year old goofing a pose wearing his monkey hat :D

(3) Emperors of the Sky at The Waterfront
Be amazed as exotic birds perform at arms length.

 For a complete list of Ocean Park's shows and attractions, please follow this link

Monday, September 3, 2012

Ocean Park - HK's Premium Park

This family enjoys theme parks.
Although we are not first timers at HK's Ocean Park, this place never fails to deliver. 
This park re-invents itself to keep you coming back for more.
It has successfully combined thrill rides, educational shows and affection for animals under one roof.   This uniqueness makes a day at OP trully enjoyable and unforgettable.
When in HK, a trip to OP is a MUST!!!

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