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Hong Kond Disneyland Hollywood Hotel

It has been my 2nd time around in the Hong Kong Disneyland Hollywood Hotel and yet the excitement of being there still gets to me!!! 
Magic happens everytime you set foot in Mickey's abode :)

I love HKDL Hollywood Hotel!!!

At home in YMCA Salisbury TST HK

We are so happy with our choice of accommodation in Kowloon in our last HK visit.

We stayed at YMCA Salisbury at Tsim Sha Tsui.
It is located right next to the HK Peninsula Hotel and the 1881 Heritage.

There is an MTR access right next to the hotel with the Star Ferry just a short distance away.

 It is trully a prime location with a wonderful view of the HK harbour.

Hong Kong with kids in tow

It has been 5 years since our last Hong Kong visit.  My eldest child was only 2 1/2 when we last went there. He is now 8 and I now I have another child age 3. 

This is a long overdue vacation and the first out of the country experience for my 3 year old.  As this is already my 3rd time in HK, I braved a DIY travel.  I thought it would be difficult running together with a group of tourists with 2 boys in tow, besides we want to go to places not normally included in the usual travel packages.

Some HK tips for the brave souls who want to give a DIY a try.

(1) Subscribe in HK group buying sites and check out for cool deals on food and tours. I got a TGIF 4 course meal through BeeCrazy HK.  I was so happy that there were a lot of Kabayan crew working at the TGIF branch we went to.  They even gave us an additional free brownie ala mode.

(2) Plan early and book early if you can. But I suggest you don't skimp on paying extra for your seats. You don't want your 3 year old sitted an ais…