Saturday, June 29, 2013

Giligiligan Beach

We reached Giligiligan Beach via an Island Hopping tour we
commissioned.  There were very few people in Giligiligan in contrast to the White Beach and Puca Beach, which were loaded with tourists (locals and foreigners). 
We were happy we were the only ones around.  Sand was a little bit rough, but that was okay in exchange for some peace and quiet.
Now this is paradise - serene, calm and peaceful!
water was warm and very inviting
There were about 2-3 restaurants in Giligiligan where you can feast on seafoods by "paluto".  We just had our breakfast and were not really hungry so we just had fruit shakes...

see nobody is here...

just our banca - all alone :D

my son enjoying the feel of warm sand under his feet

We love Giligiligan!

This beach was all ours!

Island Hopping in Boracay

Island hopping (Actually, since we were touring just one island -Boracay, the correct term really, should be: Beach Hopping.) was obviously the best way to see Boracay.  For only P1500-P2000 (depending on how good you haggle) you can get a small boat that fits 4-5 people and go on beach hopping.

D' Pacman Boracay Mansion (very impressive)!

Coconut ("Buko") costs about P100 bucks along the White Beach. 
Hubby got his from a hawker on a row boat at 3 for P100 (still expensive considering you can get it for a little over P20 in Manila, but somehow, on a banca, buko juice seems to taste better :P).

My son loving the view...

Lovely-lovely sight!

Breath taking...

The seawind has a very calming effect...

My youngest wants to try snorkeling and fish feeding...

The entire tour included snorkeling and visits to 2 beaches (Giligiligan and Puca) and lasted for a little under 3 hours.  
After snorkeling and fish feeding, we were taken to the first beach on our list:
Giligiligan is secluded.  We had the entire beach to ourselves ~ it was just us and the beach (pure serenity). Water was calm and crystal clear, although sand here was slightly rough compared to the White Beach.  My boys enjoyed Giligiligan - away from the noisy and crowded White Beach.
  The second beach Puca we went to was a haven for pasalubong shoppers.  The boys didn't like it here, but I did... I had so much fun checking the shops. And ended P1500 poorer and about a pound or so heavier (pasalubong on hand).  Goods are cheaper here in Puca compared to D'Mall, but a little higher compared to D'Talipapa. 
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Thursday, June 27, 2013

White Beach Boracay

We were truly impressed with Boracay's white beach. My boys spent hours strolling and frolicking along Boracay's shorelines!  

Unfortunately Boracay White Beach gets a bit crowded midday, late afternoon until late night.  If you want to enjoy the White Beach, I suggest you go there early morning while the rest of Boracay still sleeps.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

KidsVille @ Podium Mall

My kids had swell fun playing adults at Podium Mall's KidzVille
The toys were made child size and were so cute. I found myself having fun time as well! 
It was a worthwhile bonding activity playing pretend with my boys!
playing a super hero (inside Superman's telephone booth)

a school bus sits right next to a school house

my boys playing mechanics this time

this fireman rushing via a firepole!

At the farm house - the boys got to feed the animals and ride them at the same time.

a grocery store, stocked with groceries and produce, was one my kid's favorite zones.

how much for the peanuts, mom?

the streets of kidsville - no worries no fast moving cars

playing medics

all healthy!!!

my eldest loves building stuffs!

All these playing made me hungry.  What's cooking son?

The kids had so much fun - playing adults at KidzVille.
We would definitely be back.
KidzVille is located at the 4F Podium Mall, ADB Avenue Pasig City.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Shopping Time Again @ Mines View Park Baguio

Others might say, you may skip a trip to Mines View Park in your Baguio itinerary. The view from the top of the ridge used to be spectacular - well at least that was how I remembered it as a child.  Nowadays the view was quite disappointing ~ deforested mountain ridges and houses mushrooming all over the mountain sides. 
 However, it was a must for my little kiddos ~ as this was there first time in Baguio. 
I wanted them to see first hand the Mines View Park experience.
We started with strawberry flavored taho. The boys actually liked it.

Pretty soon, they'll be changing the name of the park to Houses View Park!

Ofcourse a picture taking with one of the beautifully geared up horses.  Oh, I had one too, on my first trip to Mines View. 
The boys insisted on renting binoculars! 

Souvenir shops now highlights the Mines View Park visit ~ you will find here Baguio native produce/products.  It is actually cheaper to get pasalubong from the market, but if you have limited time and will not be buying that many, you will never run out of pasalubong ideas in Mines View Park tiangge. 

My boy - checking out the goods! I guess wondering what to buy :P

Word of advice:  If you are buying Good Shepherd products please get them directly from Good Shepherd convent which is located a few meters west of the park.

Ibay's is located just outside the park.  You can get here good quality silver jewelries which are actually 10%-20% cheaper than the ones sold in Manila.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

BSA Twin Tower Mandaluyong

I have saved enough rewards points on my BDO card that when I decided to redeem the points, I had enough credits for a BSA Twin Tower Studio Deluxe accommodation offered via Ensogo.  Our overnight stay at BSA was virtually free.

BSA Twin Tower condo-hotel's locations is just perfect.  The hotel is smacked right at the center of everything a shopping addict could wish for. 

BSA Twin Tower is located along St. Francis Square beside St. Francis "F" Mall, back of SM Megall and meters away Podium Mall.  It is a shopper's dream location. 

I wasn't expecting anything fancy.  The room was after all free. 

Check-in was a breeze and we were allowed an early check-in at 12nn. Unfortunately I cannot say the same about the parking.  Would you believe the hotel doesn't have enough parking for their hotel guests? 

Yup, I was shocked myself... this information is important and should not be left for the hotel guest to discover for themselves at check-in. 

My husband was quite disappointed as he had to park our ride all the way to SM Mega Mall - traffic was bad in that area, especially it being a Saturday. 

Hubby dropped me and the kids off the hotel lobby with our luggage, as he parked the car in SM, to be transferred later near "F's" parking lot located beside BSA Twin Towers.

As hubby hunts for a parking slot, me and my kids were led to a Studio Deluxe room.  The room we have comes with 2 single beds, a working kitchen and a dinette.  Room was overall okay, however, the bed, linen and curtains were quite dusty; And the floor needs lots of mopping! 

But then again, this staycation is free - so I am not really complaining. 

They were a little thrift on bathroom supplies, but that's okay.

Oh, they needed to replace their towels as well. They were dirty and coarse. 

My hotel package comes with free buffet breakfast for 2.  Food was okay, nothing to hype about.  But I should say the waiters were very accommodating and attentive.

The seating area at the hotel front desk.

I love these chandeliers - they were huge and look expensive.  If only the hotel has parking :P

VERDICT:  So, so hotel in a prime location.  Would consider staying if I needed to do some major shopping or if I am getting a night's stay for free :D

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