Shopping Time Again @ Mines View Park Baguio

Others might say, you may skip a trip to Mines View Park in your Baguio itinerary. The view from the top of the ridge used to be spectacular - well at least that was how I remembered it as a child.  Nowadays the view was quite disappointing ~ deforested mountain ridges and houses mushrooming all over the mountain sides. 
 However, it was a must for my little kiddos ~ as this was there first time in Baguio. 
I wanted them to see first hand the Mines View Park experience.
We started with strawberry flavored taho. The boys actually liked it.

Pretty soon, they'll be changing the name of the park to Houses View Park!

Ofcourse a picture taking with one of the beautifully geared up horses.  Oh, I had one too, on my first trip to Mines View. 
The boys insisted on renting binoculars! 

Souvenir shops now highlights the Mines View Park visit ~ you will find here Baguio native produce/products.  It is actually cheaper to get pasalubong from the market, but if you have limited time and will not be buying that many, you will never run out of pasalubong ideas in Mines View Park tiangge. 

My boy - checking out the goods! I guess wondering what to buy :P

Word of advice:  If you are buying Good Shepherd products please get them directly from Good Shepherd convent which is located a few meters west of the park.

Ibay's is located just outside the park.  You can get here good quality silver jewelries which are actually 10%-20% cheaper than the ones sold in Manila.


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