Friday, June 30, 2017

Hotel Review: Osaka's Airport Hotel - Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport

We have an early morning flight out Kansai to Manila and the worrier Mama in me, made me decide to book our last night in Osaka at Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport. 

It is a full service hotel, connected to Kansai Airport Terminal I.  It is near impossible to miss your flight from here (And if you are a sound sleeper, you can make use of a wake-up call just to make sure).

From Kansai Terminal I, building take the lift to the 2nd floor and take Exit D or E.

Hotel Nikko will just be in front of you,

And directed to the hotel lobby on the ground floor.

Check in was easy.  It took me only a minute or so and was immediately handed out our room keys.

Our room for our last night in Osaka is a Super Triple Room about 29sqm in size.

It fits three semi-double sized bed and comes with an air-humidifier and flat-screen TV.  There is also a complimentary wifi, but I prefer using the one I rented via Klook, which was a lot faster than the complimentary hotel wifi.

Bathroom amenities were very good too... I sachet facial wash and cleanser made their way to my hand carry bag.

Most of the available channels were in Japanese though, but that was fine since we were only there for the night and will be leaving early the next morning.  Besides, we were too exhausted from all the walking we did in Osaka (80+kms according to my eldest who was monitoring our walks) to even bother watch something on TV.

Look what's on TV... "Pokémon".
(Note: My eldest did a bit of Pokémon hunting in Osaka and was fairly happy with his catch).

After check-in, we got to tour the airport department stores/outlets for last minutes shopping ideas.  Although I ended buying most of my take home stuffs from inside the restricted area (after airport check-in).  I have compared prices and it was cheaper to buy stuffs inside.

Dinner was at  KYK Tonkatsu which was one of the best Tonkatsu I have tasted.   
Food is really so good, it deserves a separate write-up and a wonderful way to end our tour of Osaka's tasteful cuisine.

Breakfast which was part of our hotel package was at the Brasserie.   It was nice that breakfast was spread as early as 5am, giving us ample time to prepare for our 9am flight.

Breakfast was buffet-style and consists of Japanese and Western dishes using domestically produced ingredients.  Food is wonderful.  I love that everything is fresh and nicely prepared. 

We had awesome stay at Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport and could only wish for at least another day's stay. 

We will definitely miss Japan.
For booking inquiries, visit Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport website:

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and Tokyo adventure: 


Thursday, June 29, 2017

Hotel Review ~ Hotel Keihan Universal City

Hotel Keihan Universal City is one of the 6 Official Hotels of Universal Studio Japan (USJ).

We have decided to stay here for a night on the day of our USJ visit. I figured we would be too tired after touring the park and staying at a nearby hotel would be convenient.

I booked Hotel Keihan Universal City via Agoda, I scored a good deal as there was an ongoing promo at time of my booking.

We love staying at Official Theme Park hotels, the nearness and convenience is worth the extra bucks.  Hotel Keihan Universal City is located at the Universal Studio Walk and is literally just a few steps away USJ's main gate.  

(See here our USJ escapade: UNIVERSAL STUDIO JAPAN)

Hotel Keihan is a Hollywood-Cinema themed hotel. 

The check-in counter resembled a movie ticketing box (cool!).

The check-in was fast and easy, we were in-and-out the hotel lobby in 5 minutes (We just dropped our luggage and headed to USJ). 
We left our luggage here.
When we got back from our day frolicking at USJ, we only needed to claim our room keys. Our luggage were already sent up to our room.

Even the hotel's carpet screams movies night ...

We reserved a Standard Quadruple Room. 
They've set up 4 single beds for us, which made the 35sqm room a bit crowded.  It was fine though as we loved the extra bed space after hours walking and running about in the park. 

There was a 37 inches Plasma TV showing Universal Movies.

I love Japanese toilets (so hi-tech!)

For added comfort they also provided us with pajamas and slippers.

Breakfast was at the World World Buffet the following morning.  There were a lot a guests at that time and some had to be re-directed to a makeshift dinning area (us included). 

We had an option to wait for a better sitting area, but since our time is more important,  we were fine at the make-shift area.  They were serving the same menu anyway so that should be fine.

Food was good, but nothing special, although I had repeat servings of their pastries.
I would recommend checking other dining options at the Universal City Walk (just outside the hotel).

If you are looking for a hotel with easy access to USJ, then incude Hotel Keihan in your list:
Perfect location, clean hotel and efficient personnel.

For additional information about Hotel Keihan Universal City, please check out their webpage

Address: 6-2-78, Shimaya, Konohana-ku, 554-8585 Osaka - Japan
Phone: 81-6-6465-0321 Fax 81-6-6465-0987         

Saturday, June 24, 2017

DAY 6 ~ Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

Kaiyukan is one of Japan’s most spectacular aquariums, world-renowned for its innovative presentation of aquatic animals in large tanks recreated natural environment, such as:
  • Japan Forest
  • Aleutian Island
  • Monterey Bay
  • Gulf of Panama
  • Ecuador Rain Forest
  • Antartica
  • Tasman Sea
  • Great barrier reef
  • Pacific Ocean
  • Seto Inland Sea
  • Coast of Chile
  • Cook Straight
  • Icy, snow-clad Antarctica.

Easiest way from USJ going to Kaiyukan is via the shuttle ferry Captain Line. The Captain Line dock at the Universal City Port is about 5 minutes walk from USJ.  Travel time from the Universal City Port to Kaiyukan would take another 10 minutes. 

Mandatory pictorial with Kaiyukan's Giant Ferris Wheel

The long line of tourists queuing for Kaiyukan Entrance Tickets... so glad we bought ours at Captain Line boarding gates.

My youngest went wild talking photos and videos of the aquatic animals inside the park.  He was amazed to see different extrinsic animals. This place is on top of my family's list in Osaka.

Here are some of the videos we took at Kaiyukan:

TIP: If you are coming from USJ, get the "Kaiyukan and Captain Line Economical Package" and save about Y300 on ticket prices.  Also the ticket lines at the Kaiyukan gets pretty long and you would be happy to skip the ticket box queue.

For more information about Kaiyukan Osaka Aquarium please visit their website at

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