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Hong Kong's The Peak

Riding the TRAM going to HK's the Peak is an adventure on its own!
It was crazy enough going up HK's famous the Peak at a 90 degrees angle, then imagine riding down at the same angle backward (yup backward).  
I was like, come on... REALLY?

Riding the Tram for us was more fun than reaching the actual destination. I do not understand the hype, the apparently spectacular skyline, was just okay for me.  I have seen better skylines in Manila, Cebu and Antipolo.   However, they do have  tram in HK.
The tram earned this experience a plus and at least a half day in your tourist's itinerary.

The Peak Tram Lower Terminus is a 10 minute up hill walk from Central. Although there are famous Hong Kong landmarks along the way, the walk is not leisurely if you are travelling with kids.  I suggest you take alternative means of transportation going there.
If you are walking from the MTR Central station, make your way to the J2 exit and walk up to the ground level. Turn right, through Chater Gard…

Kowloon Park Hong Kong

Kowloon Park Hong Kong is a good 10 minutes walk from our YMCA Salisbury HK home.  Parks are plenty in Hongkong, but sad to say are often overlooked in a tourist' itinerary.
If you are in TST, I recommend a half day commune with nature in this beautifully well-kept park.
The park has a total area of 13.3 hectares, with a full range of active and passive recreational facilities open to the public. It has indoor swimming pool and sports center, mini soccer pitch, fitness trail, two playgrounds, numerous garden (maze garden, sculpture garden, colour garden, chinese garden) a birds lake, an aviary, plus conservation center.

It was such a huge park and took us a while to find the playground.  It was ofcourse the highlight of this itinerary.  My husband and I finally got to relax underneath a shaddy tree, while the kids run about the playground.  So happy to note that the ground is rubber, so bruises falling down is quite unlikely.

You will surely love this place, the only downside is y…

Nan Lian Garden Hong Kong

One word - SERENE! 
You would never have guessed that it is located is a busy and harried metropolis.
Nan Lian Garden reminds me of a walled Chinese village in an old Chinese movie.  But per my 3 year old son's perspective, this is such a cool Kung Fu Panda's village!  He won't leave until he meets Po and his friends.  

The place is truly picturesque.  Drop the touristy Hong Kong itinerary and visit Nan Lian Garden, you will not regret it. 

To go there take the MTR and alight at Diamond Hills Station and exit at C2.  It is just a 2-5 minutes walk from there.

It is a relatively small park and depending on your free time, you can finish the entire park in an hour.

Stars Wannabe at Madame Tussaud, The Peak HK

The most difficult task in writing this blog is choosing just enough pictures for posting!  I think we took about 150 shots in the Madame Tussaud Wax Museum.   My boys were so excited posing with super stars and yup even super heroes :)