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A Fun Stay at Villa Socorro Farm ~ Back to Basic

I wanted the boys to experience something different than the usual hotel staycation.  I wanted lots of under the sun activities... 
The adventurist mama in me, brought me to Villa Socorro ~ an Agri-Eco Village and Farm Resort.

Villa Socorro promises a commune with nature experience ~ some real country living. 
There are so many things to do at Villa Socorro and we loved the "ruralness" of it all. The boys seemed to have forgotten about their gadgets for the time being we were there. 
We stayed at the "Mustasa" room. It was designed as a junk shop from the outside, but decent inside. 
We were welcomed with Villa Socorro sabanana chips produced ~ which were really very good. I bought a box of 60 packets as "pasalubong".

The room is air-conditioned, with three (3) double beds that sleeps six (6) comfortably and a television (showing only local channels, but it was okay, since we were outside most of the time, we hardly opened it). The bath room was a bit too rusti…