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Day 5 in Seoul - Part 3 (The Garden of Morning Calm, Nami Island and Strawberry Picking)

Part 3 of our Day 5 in Seoul is the day's highlight  ~ Strawberry Picking!
Seoul has the reddest and most luscious strawberries we have seen and being to able to Pick-Our-Own right from the vine was very exciting.

Strawberries are very healthy and good for us. I was actually surprised of the many health benefits of eating strawberries. anti-aginganti-oxidantboost memorygood for the heartregulates blood pressureaids digestiongood for eyes and bones healthlowers depressionhelps burns stored body fatstrengthen the immune system
The health benefits list wants me to just keep on eating strawberries. 

Leaving the Strawberry farm with (4) container full of strawberries was a perfect way to end our day. 
This tour is part of the tour package I got through Klook and came with a trip to Nami Island and Garden of Morning Calm.

Day 5 in Seoul - Part 2 (The Garden of Morning Calm, Nami Island and Strawberry Picking)

We booked this tour through Klook, together with The Garden of Morning Calm and an afternoon Strawberry Picking.

Our 2nd Tour Stop is the Naminara Republic ~ a tiny half moon shaped island made famous by Winter Sonata, one of the first wave Korean Novelas that started the K-Fever in the Philippines.

No amount of rain can damp the spirit of a true Winter Sonata fan (I admit weeping buckets of tears over the Winter Sonata Marathon).  We came equipped with umbrellas ~ unfortunately our shoes weren't as prepared (walking through mudded roads).

Looking at the bright side, there were lesser visitors due to the rain down pour (So, " Yes, bring-it-on, but not too much".

There were snowmen everywhere ~ taken from the Winter Sonata drama of course.

Nami Island is one huge open art gallery ~ check out these wonderful art installations:

Day 5 in Seoul - Part I (The Garden of Morning Calm, Nami Island and Strawberry Picking)

I was a bit scared since, the weather was rather gloomy and afternoon rain shower was in the weather forecast ~ so with outdoor activities on schedule, we've decided to buy umbrellas just in case.
We walked our way to the Myeongdong Station, where the tour provider picked us up.

Our first stop was The Garden of Morning Calm.  This place showcases the best gardens in Seoul.  We must have taken hundreds of photos here.  It was near impossible to choose which ones to include in this blog.

I can't stress enough, how you must include it in your itinerary if ever you plan to visit Seoul.   
Fans of the Korean telenovela "Love in the Moonlight" will be thrilled to know that The Garden of Morning Calm was actually one the telenovela's filming location. 

Day 4 in Seoul (A Private Tour : Seoul ~ Sanjeong Lake, Pocheon Art Valley and Herb Island)

Our Day 4 in South Korea was in the outskirt of Seoul ~ Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do.  As it was a little difficult to reach I contacted, "This is Korea" Tours to customize a private tour for my family.

Andy, our Tour Specialist (TS) cum driver and photographer picked us up at the Metro Hotel at 11am as agreed.  It was an easy ride on board a 7-seater limousine van for our family of 4. 

Our tour was personalized based on what we wanted so long as the entire trip is all within the 10 hours we've commissioned.  For our trip, we've decided on Sanjeong Lake, Pocheon Art Valley and Herb Island.


Sanjeong Lake is situated between Myeongseongsan and Mangbongsan Mountain.  Its name means "as clear as a mountain well". It was built in 1925 as a reservoir to supply to farmlands in Pocheon.

Reached Sanjeong Lake Park early afternoon ~ perfect weather for a cup of hot coffee 

Lots of things to do in the lake park.  We took a paddle boat and walked the lake promenade.

I a…