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DAY 4 (Part 2) ~ EXPO CITY

Osaka's Expo City is like Tokyo's Odaiba (read our Odaiba's adventure by clicking this link ~ Fun-fun Odaiba). It is a children's paradise and every mom's shopping haven.

The Expo City was a perfect stop after spending the morning at Ikeda (Instant Ramen Museum).
Using the Hankyu-Takarakuza line we transferred to the Osaka Monorail at the Hotarugaike Station and we alighted at the Bampaku-kinen-koen Station, which is a short walk to Expo City.
You would find at the Expo City the following attractions.
Pokémon Expo Gym Orbi Osaka The Moving Animal Amusement Park - Anipo The Nifrel Living Museum 109 Cinemas Lalaport Expocity

With so much to do a day wont be enough to experience everything. So we decided to do only the Orbi Osaka and Pokémon Expo Gym (since my boys are so into Pokémon).
Orbi Osaka a multi-sensory experience attraction by SEGA and BBC.

DAY 4 (Part 1) ~ Welcome to the House Instant Ramen Built

Today we are heading to Ikeda-shi, Osaka, the birthplace of Instant Ramen.  The boys (yes including my husband) were all excited knowing we are heading to an Instant Ramen Museum "Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum". 
We exited Osaka via Umeda Station using the Hankyu-Takarazuka line and arrived at Ikeda 30 minutes after.  The museum is a leisurely 4-5 minutes walk from the Ikeda Station.
Entrance to the museum is free, but you would have to pay extra for the activities.
Momofuku Ando, the man behind instant noodles. 

Showcased is a recreation of the creator's workshed, where he developed the technique for drying noodles.

My youngest ~ overwhelmed by the wide variety of instant noodles lineup at the Instant Noodles tunnel. 

Can you guess how many varieties of instant noodles there are to date?
Approximately 800 product packages.

The fun part of the tour ~ creating our own CUPNOODLES package.
First ~ purchase a cup through the vending machine (cost is  Y300 per cup).

Second ~ m…

DAY 3 - DIY Nara WALK (and some shopping)

For Day 3, we decided to go deer hunting (although it felt like we were the hunted by the thousands of deer roaming the whole of Nara Park).

Nara is Japan's first permanent capital, full of historic treasures and old temples.  It is also home to hundreds of free roaming deer, which they call as "Shinto" or messenger from the gods. 

For our Nara day trip, we bought the 1 Day Kintetsu Rail Pass (Adult Rate is Y1500 and Child Rate is Y750) from the airport. 

This pass gave us access to trains leaving/arriving at the Osaka-Namba Station via the Kintetsu Line and Nara Kotsu buses traversing the Nara attractions via a bus loop.  

(Tip: You can only use the free train via the Kintetsu Line and it only covers regular trains, use of the Limited Express requires additional payment.)

Our first stop is Kofukuji Temple which is a short hike from the Kintetsu Nara Station.  Kofukuji used to be the family temple of one of the most powerful clan in Nara.

Welcome to Japan's "Deer Co…