Osaka Japan (Takoyaki Here we Come)

My family loves Japan. We had so much fun touring Tokyo that
right after our plane touched Manila soil from our Tokyo trip in April 2016, we knew we would be back soon. I found myself planning another Japan itinerary and this time our destination is OSAKA, in search of the ultimate Takoyaki (lol)!

Osaka is Japan's Ultimate Foodie Destination ~ so this got us really excited ~!

We bought our plane tickets from PAL in one of the travel expos at a discounted price.  Travel expos rock, we really get to stretch our hard earned Pesos getting good travel deals.  This time we saved about 30% on airfare on "forward seats", luggage allowance and hot meals.  

We arrived in Osaka via Kansai (KIX) Airport at 7:10 in the evening.  It was bit frightening coming in so late (and I do not recommend you do it, if you are a first timer in Japan with kids - I suggest opting for a noon time ETA) and with limited transfer options to our Airbnb accommodations which was about an hour away from the airport.  We took our host's advise and took an airport limousine bus going to the Osaka City Air Terminal (OCAT), which is about a 4 minutes walk to our rented apartment.

Onboard the airport limousine bus from KIX to OCAT. Convenient means of transfer to Osaki-Shi. I was so thankful, we did not get lost.

We first tried Airbnb booking in our Tokyo stay and decided doing another Airbnb in Osaka.  Airbnb is a very good alternative to a hotel, especially if you need a bigger walking space...  We also liked the idea of own private place ~ way bigger than a regular hotel rooms at less cost. Airbnb is a definite "YES" in our books! 

Our day 1 ends here.

Please follow our Osaka Itinerary..



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  1. Absolutely loved our trip to Japan last year! Osaka is the food capital! I hope you ate a lot at Dotonbori and Kuromon Market :)

  2. Wow, looks like you guys were able to do so much during your Osaka vacation. Will check your other links to see your more detailed posts. I bet you guys had a blast.

  3. I feel you, after our Tokyo trip I also want to go back to Japan. Bitin na bitin yung one week namin. Yun lang, I just don't know when makakabalik, I can't plan in advance kasi yung sked problem. Natry ko na rin travel expo pero more on hotels lang na promo.


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