DAY 2 - Osaka City Adventure

DAY 2 is our Osaka City Tour.

For our Day 2 - Osaka City Tour, we bought the 1 Day Amazing Osaka Pass (AOP) from Kansai Airport.  The 1 Day AOP costs Y2500 (Note: There is no child ticket. Since most of the attractions are free of charge for children, so I suggest simply getting a 1 day Enjoy Ecocard for your child at Y300) and covers most tourists attractions with unlimited bus and train rides in Osaka.

For more details on the AOP please check the AOP website: Amazing Osaka Pass - if you do the math, you would need to visit at least 4 of the attractions to breakeven the cost of the pass. I am afraid we failed maximizing the AOP since the boys were already too tired to try the Night Cruise and to visit the Umeda Sky Building (which we hoped to schedule after dusk).
Getting ready for the Osaka Castle.

Osaka Castle moat... (and a really excited child doing his thing)!

Entering the Castle Gates (and loving the camera)

The Osaka Castle
Loving the scenery...

And what's a child to do with matcha ice cream all around?

There were lots of people around and the hot pre-summer weather was getting pretty hot.  We needed some aircon relief and decided to go to the Osaka Museum of History, across the street.

Off to the Osaka Museum of History (Tip: Take the elevator to the 10th  floor, then make your way down the escalator)...

At the top floor (Ancient Floor) is a replica of  Daikokuden of Naniwanomiya Palace. 
A nice surprise, awaits you as your make your way down... the Osaka Museum of History overlooks the Osaka Castle.

Look we were just there a while ago...

At the 9th Floor is a Tour of the Water City...

The Archeological Challenge at the 8th Floor...
Modern Contemporary Period at the 7th Floor.

From the Osaka Museum of History we took the subway and made our way to another Museum ~ The Osaka Museum of Housing and Living

My son hands on Japan's local toys  (way-way before Xbox and PS4s...)
Too cute, to scare...

And more pictures...

It would have been nice to be able to dress up in Kimono rentals - to take pictures in while touring the village.  However, we came in late in the afternoon and there were no more Kimono rentals left.

A short train ride from the Osaka Museum of Housing and Living is the Pokémon Center ~ Daimaru Umeda (Warning picture HEAVY.  My boys are addicted to Pokémon).

My little man literally losing it in Japan...

Checking the merchandise (lol)!

So many to choose from... and all so cute!

Paying for his LOOT!

The Winners are Eevee and Snorlax (PS. I like Snorlax too. He is so soft and huggable).

Goodnight Day 2, 
our Day 3 starts early, we are going to Nara.

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