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Christmas at Makati Shangri-La Hotel

A Sparkling White Christmas welcomed us at Makati Shangri-La Hotel, and my 8 years old was wide-eyed as he saw Santa Clause gamely pose with children and their parents for souvenir photos. 

With a huge grin on his face, our "bunsoy" personally approached the big man and requested for a picture.

I think, he whispered something to Santa, but I didn't quite hear what it was... 

Although there was an obvious volume of guests, check-in was a breeze.

Bryant the receptionist who attended to us was fast, efficient and cordial.  He informed us that there was an anticipated evening mass and invited us to join. It was pretty convenient as we don't need to rush out Christmas day to look for a church to celebrate mass.

We stayed in a deluxe room in a high floor. 

Our room has a King size bed and a couch.  

I requested for an extra bed, unfortunately due to the volume of guests there were no extra beds left (my bad, I should have placed my request earlier before check-in)...

The bed was huge and comfortable.  It was big enough for 2 adults and a child. 

My eldest was fine sleeping on the couch.

A welcome fruit platter, was an added surprise. My youngest likes fruits and this one lasted about 10 minutes.

The room comes complete with basic amenities...

The towels were clean and new (really soft too).

However, the bathrobes were a bit rough and needing replacement.

Bedroom sleepers

Complete toiletries of good quality, but I am not sure if these are branded. 
Bathroom is spic and span. 

With marbled floors and bathroom tops.

Deep bath tubs for a relaxing hot bath (after a day of shopping, lol)! 

I was bit sad as there was no bidet (Yup, bathroom needs updating!)
A desk clock by the sink. 

A safe to keep your valuables...

A full stocked mini bar (Quite expensive. If you want to  save a few bucks, the Landmark Mall grocery is an easy 5-10 minutes stroll away).

Coffee and Tea is complimentary.

Not a common feature of hotels we have stayed in is an office supplies' cabinet. 

Just look at this charm... this is perfect for business travelers!

The next day buffet breakfast was at the Rizal Ballroom.

Now this one was a huge let down...

Set up was a bit cafeteria, guests were asked to share tables with complete strangers (yes I know, it is Christmas and all, and it would have been fine too - but this is Shangri-La and buffet breakfast is not cheap)!

Service given this set up was mediocre and nothing close to a Shangri-La brand and experience we were hoping (I was just shaking my head side to side... stupefied). 

I can't say much about the food, as I was all too absorbed with the chaos (yes it was close to chaotic) around me. 

Smiling for the camera :P  (not due to breakfast).

Despite our ordinary breakfast experience at Shangri-La,
we still had a wonderful stay.  

Little things truly made a difference:

> Our wonderful receptionist (Bryant).
> Santa Claus posing for our "bunsoy".
>These sweet cup cakes given to my boys as Christmas treats.

> The anticipated Christmas mass.
>The huge Christmas trees and Sparkling Christmas decors.

MamaSpeaks gives Makati Shangri-La an "A-".
Never mind Christmas breakfast and just eat elsewhere.

For inquiries check out Makati Shangri-La Hotel website, follow the link bellow:


  1. There is always about Shang hotels that I love perhaps the nostalgic feeling that is being evoke by the hotel's decor. Anyway, a staycation is always special and memorable with people you love. Thanks for sharing this. (macy)

  2. Nothing like the ambiance of Christmas in Shangri-La! :)

  3. I agree with you with the bidet. Most hotels needs to update their bathrooms since they don't have a handy tabo nearby. Hahaha! Nevertheless, Shangri-La hotels never fails to deliver, simply one of the best.

  4. The hotel can be real generous and thoughtful. I love it that they have allotted cords and office supplies for their guests. I also love the beddings. It is such a pleasure to have a staycation and all necessities are within reach or readily available.

  5. The room looks nice! Looks like you enjoyed your stay in Makati Shang. Maybe there is no available table anymore and they accept more guest because its Christmas.

  6. Aww, that's just sad to even have a brand experience like that! But I'm glad your boys still enjoyed. You should have reported it to the manager so you could get a complimentary stay or something for the inconvenience. That's part of any hospitality industry's rule of thumb. If not, then why bother, Shangrila? They should be charging you less. Merry Christmas and happy new year!

  7. Ahhh. this place is perfect for me, lol. I would never want to leave this kung ako ang nakapag staycation dito. lol! It's great that they have a safe for their customers.

  8. One of my goals this year is to have a staycation with my family. Thanks for sharing this :)

  9. Ay, the things I look forward to pa naman when I stay in a hotel is their breakfast buffet. Mukhang outdated nga ang Shang. Too bad, their lunch buffet pa naman is good.

  10. This seems like a nice place to stay.

  11. One on my bucket list is to experience the holiday at the hotel. Sana soon magawa din namin ng family ko yan. Happy New Year!

  12. Gotta love Makati Shang :) We often spend Christmas at home, but for this year, we're planning to celebrate sa hotel :)

  13. Oooh I get you on the breakfast! One of the things we look forward to when we stay at hotels are the breakfasts. We usually buy ourselves dinner but we expect a good breakfast experience.

  14. Wow ha, you had your blast staying in Shangri, It's nice to see your family together. I know that Shangri Hotel is always a great Hotel offers a great service and it's a nice place for family togetherness and bonding.

  15. Ay ang unique ng office supplies haha that's one of unique features of this hotel ha. Thanks for the review, I know maraming curious how Shang looks like!

  16. looks awesome and relaxing! Truly a great way to celebrate Christmas. I hope I could take my family in a staycation, kahit dito lang sa malapit sa Laguna :)

  17. I was able to stay in Makati Shang once, a day before our wedding. :) That was so many years ago. I miss it. I hope to be able to have a staycation there again, this time, with the kids! :)

  18. Uh-oh... the breakfast ruined your stay?! It should be an overall good experience, but anyway, it's christmas so letting it pass will be an act of kindness. 😊

  19. We've never spent Christmas away from the house before. We should try it this 2017. Will take note of this experience of yours though. We love hotel breakfasts and this would have disappointed us too if we experienced the same thing.

  20. Seems like you enjoyed your stay at Makati Shang. :) And yes, Landmark yata ang pinaka-murang grocery kaya kung kailangan mag-save, doon na lang bumili. Hindi rin naman kalayuan sa hotel. :D Hopefully someday, I will get to experience staycations like yours. :) Happy new year!

  21. Bath tub!!!! I'll have to keep this on my list since I am trying to find hotels for staycation with bath tubs. I would love a good long soak once the little boy is asleep. :P Though I would have to agree - given that Makati Shangri-la isn't really a cheap place, they really would need to upgrade some of their features. Wouldn't it be nice, too, if all the contents in their minibar is complimentary? :D Reminds me of one hotel in Singapore that we stayed in - nothing too fancy, bathroom is not exactly a separate room, it was more of a stall with glass walls but everything in the minibar is complimentary. :D

  22. The Christmas spirit was really alive at Makati Shangri-La! Glad to hear you enjoyed your stay despite the breakfast "chaos." -- Maria Teresa Figuerres

  23. My husband and I had our first night together at Shangri-la, Edsa. Breakfast then was good and the decor was very nice also. It's sad that this happend to you. Buffet breakfast is also one of those things I look forward to in my hotel stays. We plan to stay in Shangri-la, Edsa this December to celebrate our 10th year wedding anniversary. Hope we would not be disappointed.

  24. I love hotels and i always look forward to promos on hotels. Never been here yet but its on my bucket list! Thanks for the heads up! :)

  25. Aw... It was disappointing to read your story about the breakfast. One of the things we enjoy during our hotel experiences is the food. It's sad that you weren't satisfied with Shang's.

  26. Now this gave me an idea of not having a staycation during Christmas season hehe Shang is Shang they could have done something so the guests will feel more comfortable, peak season is not an excuse...

  27. it's common for hotels na walang bidet (kainis). I like that they have bathtub ha. Pool pictures please :)

  28. I love staying at the Shang and one of the reasons is because of a good breakfast experience. Too bad you weren't able to have it on your last stay.


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