Reasons Why you Would Fall In Love with Acuaverde Resort in Laiya Batangas

This Mama just turned 40 (and proud)!

I was never a fan of big birthday celebrations. I always prefer spending quiet and quality time with my family.

So on my 40th birthday, we decided to book a room at the Acuaverde Beach Resort in Laiya Batangas.

Laiya is located 140 km south of Manila equivalent to about a 3-hours drive (assuming there is no traffic) which makes it perfect for a quick beach getaway from the busy metro. 

We are not new to Laiya's kilometers stretch of pristine beach. We have been here a couple of time in the past, but this is our first time in Acuaverde and given our experience, it would probably not be the last.

Here is why we fell in love with beautiful Acuaverde....

1. Lush green surroundings with direct access to the beach

2. Well kept facilities.

3. Clean-luxe guest rooms complete with all of basic necessities. There is even a hair dryer and bidet. 
- LCD TV with cable channels
- Air-conditioning
- Hot and cold shower
- Wi-Fi access
-Complimentary coffee and tea
-Safety deposit box

It was a luxurious hotel right next to nature. We stayed at the 2nd floor Casa Brisa with a private veranda that provides a grand view of the ocean.  It is a huge room with 2 double beds that can comfortably sleep 4 adults. 

We were billed at the second floor.

Comfortable beds and clean sheets - we had a good night sleep.

Our veranda

Glass doors and windows give the room a wonderful view of the beach and lush green surroundings outside.

Sunny day outside...

It was a long way down though... if you are travelling with senior citizens, please make sure you inform the resort at point of booking, so that you get a ground floor room.

The foot wash concept is cute
(clean feet... clean room...)

5. Wonderful massage at the Simona Spa.  Make sure you place an appointment in advance to get your preferred schedule, especially if the resort is full packed.  On hour body massage cost about P600+. 

6. I was a little disappointed that there is no swimming pool, however there are plenty of other bonding activities for friends and families.  That plus we were so enthralled with the view of the ocean, we never had time to miss the pool.   

Check out the Al Fresco Bar - they have board games, dart games, foosball and even table tennis. And if you are hungry  they also have short orders here.

Foosball kids...

Other resort activities include: banana boat, twin banana boat, fly fish, jet ski, fly board, parasailing, speed boat...

Fish feeding.
Ask for fish feeds from the receptionist.  They give this out free.

Play ground

My youngest, lost in thought :P

Beach bumming is the greatest!

6. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is part of the package (most Laiya resorts do this). All we had to do was relax and have fun. Food is served at the Cocina.

We left Manila late and was stucked in traffic. We arrived late and famished and ordered light merienda... we were a bit shocked since when our orders came, they were really huge and nothing close to light.

When in Batangas, order their specialty LOMI

All meals were served buffet style.... spread is plenty and quickly refilled. I have read in the other reviews that food was a bit bland, but they were definitely fine by our standards.

7. Efficient and sincerely amiable staff.  You can feel their honest desire to serve from the moment you enter the resort gates.

I was really surprised... when the crew came out with a cake on hand singing a Happy Birthday song. Oh and I have a balloon too...

8. Peace and tranquility ~ truly rested! Mission accomplished.

Garcia-Rosario-San Juan-Candelaria Road
San Juan, Batangas, 4226

For Bookings and Inquiries: 
Phone: (+632) 847 0953, (+632) 403 1899

Office Mobile:

Globe -  0927-6807839 / 0916-4057388

Smart: 0939-9548464 / 0928-8543805

Or visit their website ACUAVERDE RESORT


  1. The place looks serene. I love BAtangas. It is so peaceful and the air smells clean. haha I mean fresh. The place where you stayed looks really nice. The amenities and the beach. Would love to try it. =)

    1. Hi Sis! It was really wonderful out there. We would not think twice going back anytime...

  2. Wow, when was the last time I went to Batangas? It's been years na! What?! I'd be very happy to be back there when hubby comes home. This one looks like a wonderful place to be with family.

    1. It is really a good place. I think price is reasonable too considering it covers dinner, next day breakfast and lunch. Highly recommended!

  3. I'd love to visit this place. Mukhang nice and the amenities looks okay. I'll put this on my to-visit places this coming summer 2017.

    1. Hi Nerisa, Acuaverde is wonderful! We all loved it there and wished we could have stayed longer... I hope you and your family can check and visit the place too.

  4. If money and time permit, I would also love to spend birthdays in a new place. My boys love swimming so much so the idea of going to a beach or there would definitely be a welcome treat. The place is a beauty. Hope to book there sometime.

    1. Acuaverde is lovely. Spending my birthday there is a good decision. We were all relaxed and rested! Look out for promo and discounts via group buying sites "Deal Grocer" and booking sites like "Traveloka" and "Travelbook".

  5. Wow, what a nice place to retreat to as a family. I've been wanting to go to Batangas for some time now and Laiya seems closer to Manila. Checked the prices. Looks doable. :)

    1. The price is really reasonable. The amount we paid for is already inclusive of our room (good for 4), dinner and next day breakfast and lunch (all served buffet style) and use of their amenities. Watch out for promos and deals on line. We got ours from Deal Grocer for 30-40% off.

  6. The place looks peaceful and perfect for relaxation. I will recommend this to my inlaws since FIL needs a place to relax for a while. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Highly recommended Sis. If you are looking for a place to relax and rest, Acuaverde is the resort to visit!


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