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Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel Kingdom Club

We wanted a special holiday with the kids (they are growing up so fast) and decided to welcome 2018 in Hong Kong Disneyland.  It has after all been 5 years since we have last been to Hong Kong.  Though we were recently in Tokyo Disneyland, the volume of guests was heartbreakingly huge ~ to truly enjoy the park.

Check here our Visit to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea last 2016 >>> Tokyo Disneyland  and >>> Tokyo Disney Sea 

We booked a 3 nights stay at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and opted for an upgrade to the Kingdom Club floor.

The elegant service and perks is well worth the additional cost.

    Club Level Benefits
  • Complimentary Deli at Kingdom Club Lounge (730am to 10pm) which includes assorted fresh pastries, cereal, fruit, hot breakfast selections and beverages in the morning; Selection of scrumptious appetizers with your choice of complimentary beer and wine late afternoon and light snacks night time.

  • A Disney character in pajamas visits the lounge at 8pm, where we chanced upon Mickey and Donald Duck on separate occasions.

  • Seems like I am more excited on seeing Mickey than my son.

    It was nice, we don't need to queue in line to have pictures taken with DD and MM :P

    • Children guests were likewise invited to join craft making activities.

    • At night, Club guests are treated to a Bedtime Story Session with a Disney Character popping in to bid "goodnight" to ensure sweet dreams.

    (Not in PJs, but in his Captain America jacket is waiting)


    • Our package also included daily Buffet Breakfast at the Enchanted Garden for 2 adults.  However, since there are 4 us.  I requested that they pool our 1st and 2nd day buffet.  We let go of the 3rd day buffet as it was already too much food for us. 

    So we had breakfast at the lounge on our 1st and 3rd day and at the Enchanted Garden on day 2.

    Breakfast at the Kingdom Club was simple and very limited choices, but it was enough for us.

    Breakfast at the Enchanted Garden is with Disney Character appearances.  Which was real cool as we don't have to queue long lines anymore, just to get a picture with them.

    Breakfast at the Enchanted Garden has good variety, but obviously came to second to a chance of having a picture taken with Mickey or Minnie.

    The Disney Character will come to your table just like that (begging for a picture with you).


    • Kingdom Club guests also receive Priority Admission Passes to 4 attractions (per night stay, so we got a total of 12 priority passes) and seat reservations to the first show of “Mickey and the Wondrous Book”.  No need to queue for us, making our days in the park more memorable.

    Please check also my complete review of  Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel.

    For booking and inquiries, visit Hong Kong Disneyland Website



    1. I love Mickey Mouse so for sure mas excited din ako sa anak ko if we will stay here. With all the benefits, mukhang sulit na yung upgrade niyo. Ang dami photo-op opportunities. :)

      1. Medyo nakakahiya nga. I was grinning from ear to ear when Mickey came in. My son was like "meh"...

    2. All along, I thought HK Disneyland Hotel and Hollywood Hotel are the same. Not until we booked at Hollywood did I learn the two are different. Nway, what I like about them is not it's within the theme park thus traveling isnt a problem. Seems like the two have almost the same features.

      1. I personally think the Hollywood Hotel I think is more attractive to kids, while the Disneyland Hotel is a bit more upscale in terms on theming. I would love to try their newest hotel though the "Disney's Explorers' Lodge".

    3. Oh so there's less people in HK Disneyland than in Tokyo? I thought it would be the other way around. Anyway, I hope that our kids will get to experience this while they're young pa.

      1. Tokyo Disneyland also happens to a lot bigger. You would need 2-3 full days to tour this park alone (mayroon pang DisneySea).

    4. I would love to stay at this place. Sana hindi lang masyadong magastos hehe. and true to the caption, your picture really shows na your look more excited than your kid hahaha :D

      1. I was a bit embarrassed to post the Mickey in PJ picture. My wide grin daw is a sign of a "Titos and Titas of Manila " moment (lol).

    5. Cute nung mga foods. =)
      To be honest I was not into going to Disneyland until I had kids. You want the kids to have that experience. =) Hoping to get a chance to bring them there one day. =)

    6. You look like having so much with your son sis! Anyway reading your post I am getting excited for my friend Nilyn and family na mag HK din this coming 27, at sana one day mapuntahan din namin ang Disneyland.

    7. Wow, that Kingdom Club looks like such a great deal. Having the characters come to you without you having to queue in line is great! I also really like the food shaped like the Disney characters. So cute!

      1. Yes Sis, we were so pampered at the Club lounge. The casts were super accommodating and nice. More over love that we get to have pictures with Disney Characters without having to fall in line at the park (which was crazy long). The Fast Passes was great too. Really enjoyed our Disneyland holiday.

    8. This Kingdom Club is a great place for my kids. The food is fantastic. It really gets my appetite up! Thank you for your excellent pictures with Disney Characters.


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