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Hong Kong Disneyland ~ Flight Of Fantasy Parade

The mood was festive and jovial! An experience your family will surely remember through the ages...

First some TIPS:

Tip 1: This is one of the park events NOT to be missed!  As soon as you have entered the park, check out the schedule of the Flight of Fantasy Parade.

Tip 2:  Get good seats, about 30 minutes before the parade starts.  

Tip 3:  Be considerate in using selfie sticks.  Use of selfie sticks are generally prohibited inside the park, but it was more comfortable using one filming a parade 5-10 minutes long.  Nobody will confiscate it, but please be mindful of other people watching.

Thumbs UP READY!

The Parade starts with Dumbo's float

And a Marching Band ~

Followed by the All Star Disney Characters (Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Chip and Dale, etc.).  I was too captivated with Minnie Mouse, I kinda forgot to take pictures of the rest of the Crew :P

Then came, every toddlers favorite Winnie the Pooh!

Tiger and Eeyore doing their stuffs

Little princesses cheered upon seeing the Princess's Float. 

Woody's Round Up Gang ~

Check out this Jessie cool dance moves.

I love the Toy Story Float.

I felt like I was transported to the actual movie.

Check Out the complete Flight of Fantasy Parade Videos by following the link below ~


  1. My two daughters visited Hong Kong Disneyland a few months ago and they were able to witness this parade. When they got home, they showed us the pictures they took of the parade. Their little brother, who was not on the trip with them, got really jealous. Haha! Looks like so much fun!

    1. Kawawa naman little boy mo... he must be really jealous not being able to go.

  2. I agree, when in Disneyland, don't miss the shows and parades. You just need to reserve your seats so you will have a good spot. As if may upuan talaga, sa floor lang naman. hehe!

    1. True, got to get the best "side walk spots" to get the best view of the parade...

  3. I love this! Thank you for taking me in HK because of this post. My daughter will surely enjoyed this if she sees all the Disney characters esp. the Disney princesses.

    1. You are welcome Sis. Glad you dropped by. I hope your little princess can go see Disneyland soon too. She will be ecstatic for sure.

  4. My kids will surely have fun in this place . . . maybe I need to save much so that someday we can travel here.

    1. There are so many affordable HK-Disneyland trips Sis. You don't need to save so much anymore. Take your children while they are still young. Corny na mga tweeners eh 😁

  5. We were able to witnes this parade and i admire most people who watched the parade. First, I saw them putting mats on the sidewalk to sit. Then others would just follow the line. Seems everyone is so disciplined. I agree on the use of the selfie stick.

  6. A friend of ours told us about this parade and how their kids really enjoyed watching them. I hope to take them this year.


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