Friday, January 12, 2018

Hong Kong Disneyland ~ Flight Of Fantasy Parade

The mood was festive and jovial! An experience your family will surely remember through the ages...

First some TIPS:

Tip 1: This is one of the park events NOT to be missed!  As soon as you have entered the park, check out the schedule of the Flight of Fantasy Parade.

Tip 2:  Get good seats, about 30 minutes before the parade starts.  

Tip 3:  Be considerate in using selfie sticks.  Use of selfie sticks are generally prohibited inside the park, but it was more comfortable using one filming a parade 5-10 minutes long.  Nobody will confiscate it, but please be mindful of other people watching.

Thumbs UP READY!

The Parade starts with Dumbo's float

And a Marching Band ~

Followed by the All Star Disney Characters (Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Chip and Dale, etc.).  I was too captivated with Minnie Mouse, I kinda forgot to take pictures of the rest of the Crew :P

Then came, every toddlers favorite Winnie the Pooh!

Tiger and Eeyore doing their stuffs

Little princesses cheered upon seeing the Princess's Float. 

Woody's Round Up Gang ~

Check out this Jessie cool dance moves.

I love the Toy Story Float.

I felt like I was transported to the actual movie.

Check Out the complete Flight of Fantasy Parade Videos by following the link below ~

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