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Tagaytay for New Year!

Darn, I was expecting it too be alot colder here in Tagaytay! Brought thick japorms jacket pa naman... Anyway, air is still colder here than in Manila. So I guess this will just have to do. Will pray nalang that it gets colder later in the day.

This is the first time the family will be spending New Year out. Normally we just spend it at home. This year, I got a good deal for a 4 bedroom town house. Since it was quite big for us, I invited some cousins to tag along.

Left Manila past 8am and reached our destination at 10am. Trafic was a swift at SLEX,ar the type you wish for when you are running late for a meeting.

We freshened a bit and then braved the Tagaytay Mahogany market for additional ingredients we forgot to bring from Manila. I guess this 2010 will be better and more abundant than 2009, daming food sa lamesa. We had, Andoks chicken and liempo, binagoongan, relenong bangus, grilled fish, steak/t-bone, bbq, hotdogs, 2 types of pasta, refrigerator cake, cakes, fruit salad, ube, taco…