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DAY 5 - TOKYO DISNEYLAND RESORT (Part II -TeamPetilla conquers Tokyo Disney Land)

Tokyo Disney Land (TDL) is huge.  And you need at least two (2)  days to fully enjoy it.  Since we only have 3 days at TDR, we did research and planned (or least tried to) our itinerary.

TIP: Check out the Park Operation Schedule before heading to TDL. Opening time varies from 8-930 am and closes at 10pm.

I have pre-downloaded Tokyo Disney Land map from the Tokyo Disney Land website to familiarize ourselves with the attractions and identify the rides we were interested in.

TIP:  Learn to use the Fast Pass (FP). Disneyland Resort's Fast Pass system is the best invention ever. 

Upon entering the park, I went to (well it was more of ran to)Monster Inc. Hide and Go Seek (an FP attraction) had our tickets scanned and received FP tickets for return after an hour. 

We used our free time lining up for Star Tours.  When we finished  Star Tours, our Monster Inc. Hide and Go Seek was just about ready.

TDL is divided into six (6) lands.  We worked our way counter clockwise from WORLD BAZAAR (a line up of Victorian styled shops and restaurants) starting off with Tomorrow Land.


Star Tours

This is our family's favorite ride.  I think we lined up for this attraction 5 times.

We are boarding one of these aircrafts.

C3PO was our pilot. My 7 year old was amazed having him fly the aircraft.

Monster Inc., Ride and Go Seek  

Caught on camera :P

Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters

Grand Circuit Raceway

We never minded the Stitch Encounter as it was only in Japanese.  We also skipped most of the thrill rides since my boys hate them.

The Toon Town caters to mostly younger park guests.   I accompanied my 7 year old to the Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin (a cab that spins as you help Roger Rabbit run after the bad guys).  

There were so many kids at Toon Town, we decided to leave this land early and moved back to Tomorrow Land to watch One Man's Dream II - The Magic Lives On at Show Base. The show is a mix-match of Disney's All Star Characters.


Next to Toon Town is Fantasy Land.

My boys accompanied me see Cinderella's Castle.

My youngest loves horses, so the Castle Carousel Ride was an obvious must in our checklist.

Its A Small World

Haunted Mansion
Also one of my family's favorites,  is a ride inside a haunted Gothic Mansion. 

The garden leading to the mansion is creepy ~ with tomb stones of dead relatives and animals.

The point of no return.
The spooky mansion left us hungry and famished.  So lunch was at the nearest restaurant we can find - Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall.



Next to Fantasy Land is Critter Country. It is fairly small park (I would not have known we were already there if not for the map I was holding).

From Critter Country we went to Western Land, where we watched the Country Bear Musical Theater. I would be honest in saying the show is just good for resting your tired feet. I almost fell asleep watching this one.

Following Western Land is Adventure Land.

From here we took the Western River Rail Road. It is a real steam train that takes guests on a trip around the wilderness.

After the train ride, we went to the Enchanted Tiki Room to watch Stitch Presents "Aloha E Komo Mai!". 

One of the highlights of our TDL trip is the Easter Parade.  Which was such a big thing for the Japanese TDL fans.  They would literally reserve their places hours before the parade starts.  It was honestly one of the most colorful parades we have seen.

With extra hours left, we were able to go back to  our favorite rides at Fantasy Land and Tomorrow Land.  Unfortunately we were too tired to wait for the Grand Fireworks display.  

Our TDL Hotel room awaits our tired - tired-tired bodies.... TOKYO DISNEYLAND HOTEL


  1. One day is just not enough for Tokyo Disneyland sis!

    Glad they have a donwloadable map na. Imagine kung katulad nung unang panahon na isang malaking papel pa cya hihi.

    1. One day is really not enough especially if you are travelling with children who tire easily. You really need to do your homework and plan your activities wisely.

  2. Wow ha, kayo na sis, nagbakasyon pala ang peg with fam. Hehehhe ang saya naman nakakatuwa kitang kita sa mga pics nyo...

    1. Hi Melisa, we really love travelling. We try to go places ~ local or international travel while we still can.

  3. Super noted on the whole two days! How I wish our Yael could wall and appreciate the sights and sounds na para we could also travel. Its my boys' wish to travel abroad this vacation.

    1. I couldn't agree more, wait a bit before taking children here. It would be easier for you to tag them along (without having to carry them with you) and they would have memories of your travel too. We went to HK Disneyland when my youngest was just 3 and he can only remember bits and pieces of our HK Disneyland trip.

  4. Wow, nice family adventure :) I also make notes plan where to go whenever we travel but I also alot some time for exploration.

    1. Thanks Ss. We really love travelling ~ local and international. I think experience by far is worth so much more than just reading them on books.

  5. Thanks for the tips! We're planning to go on December. My son loves Toy Story so I think we'll stay in that area only, hahaha!

    1. Hi Cheska, for Toy Story I think HK Disneyland has a far better setup, with an entire land dedicated solely to Toy Story. I didn't get to see as much of Toy Story in Tokyo.

  6. My sisters live in Japan and they've been bugging us to come visit so the kids can go to Disneyland. Wala pa nga lang budget haha! Bookmarking your post for future reference :D

    1. Hi Sis, thank you for bookmarking. I am certain your family will enjoy every bit of Tokyo Disneyland Resort. I envy you, since you would only have to worry about park tickets since you can crash in with your sister. We don't know anybody in Japan so all these are just DIYs. I would have saved a lot otherwise.

  7. We were able to visit it last summer but I can't remember anymore which ones we were able to try. Gosh, that epidural sure affected my memory haha! I'm glad I've got a smaller camera now so that I can take photos and not forget. I didn't have it back when we went.

    1. I left my camera at home too.. (lol) it was heavy and figured carrying it around would be such a hassle. We just used our cellphone cameras hence the sometimes bad picture quality.

  8. Gaaah so fun! Japan AND Disneyland are two of my dream destinations so I'm in drool mode over here! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thanks for dropping by Sis. It was really a wonderful travel experience for us.

  9. Wow, so much fun! It's our dream to take our kids to Disneyland too and to Tokyo! Glad you were able to plan ahead and made the most out of your trip. :)

  10. Wow... Tokyo gas always been one of my dream destinations for shopping. Reading this blog makes me interested in Tokyo Disneyland too! Were the lines too long?

    1. I am not so sure about shopping at Tokyo, unless you intend to shop at Daiso or the other discount stores. For shopping I would probably go to Bangkok or Hongkong or just stay here in Manila.

  11. Wow I'm so envious! I've always wanted to go to Disneyland. Your tips are very helpful especially for first-timers. I didn't know that the park was that big.

    1. Hi Nina, TDR is huge. I would have gladly spent 4 day there 2 days at Tokyo Disneyland and another 2 at Tokyo Disney Sea.

  12. My youngest would have a blast here and I think my teens would still enjoy this.

    1. Disneyland is always a hit to kids and adults alike. It brings out the child in each and everyone of us. I felt like a child roaming TDL.

  13. My youngest would have a blast here and I think my teens would still enjoy this.

    1. My youngest had the time of his life ~ he enjoyed most of the attractions (except for the thrill rides, which they hated).

  14. If there is one place I would love to visit and soon, it is hands down Japan. I would love to see the sakura in bloom as well as bring my little man to Disneyland. I will not leave without paying the Harry Potter world a visit and shopping for loads of Gotochi cards, too! ^_^

    1. Sad to say we missed Osaka to visit Harry Potter. Schedule was a bit tight. Well at least I have one more reason to go back to Japan.

  15. I've always wanted to go to Japan but ended up delaying the trip for variety of reasons, mostly kids-related :)) Can't wait to visit the country too :)

    1. We really enjoyed touring Tokyo, truly one of the nicest countries we've been to. Hopefully we can visit Osaka sometime soon.


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