The Tokyo Disney Land Hotel

This is one of the grandest and most luxuriously designed hotels we have been to.  Tokyo Disney Land Hotel is one of the three themed hotels in the Tokyo Disneyland complex and is strategically located just outside Tokyo Disney Land Theme Park.

The hotel boasts a Victorian Period Theming, with an obvious attention to details.  Even the hotel staff were in costume ~ I rather felt underdressed in my jeans and cotton shirt.

You can't help but notice the tiny details.

Look Ma, there is a fountain in the lobby.

Nothing is spared and the theming goes on even in the bedrooms. Here is a peak to our room.

There are two twin sized bed and a extra trundle.  A sofa makes a 4th bed that makes this room comfortably fit 4-5 pax.

Fine China cups and saucers.

Hard wood Vanity table. 

Separate showers, bath tub and toilet.

There is also a bed guard ~ for your restless sleeper.  

Pajamas for comfortable sleeping.

Cute toiletries.  Check out the yellow Mickey Mouse take home cup (top left).  

Extra toothbrushes.

They have thought of everything - there is even an extra paper bag to take home TDR souvenir items.  

We stayed 2 nights and housekeeping refilled all of our toiletries including the paper bag.

Great service from check-in to check-out.  Rooms were impeccable ~ comfortable, clean and complete with everything you need for a comfortable stay.

TIP: A Keiyo Limousine Bus departs from TDL Hotel daily.  You can reserve seats via the hotel's Bell Service located at the 3F Lobby. Check-out is so convenient, you can deposit your bags at the concierge and they will handle bringing these to the bus pick out center.  So you can enjoy the rest of your day at either themepark without worrying about picking up your (heavy) bags.  All you need to do is show up at the bus pick up area!

It was a wonderful stay at TDL Hotel.  We loved every minute and we were really sad we had to leave. 

Check also my YouTube video of the TDL Hotel grounds


  1. When we went to HK Disneyland, I booked in one of their hotels so it would be convenient for us. Now, we're planning to go to Tokyo Disney Sea and when I checked the rates of Disney Hotel, nalula ko. hehehe! So we just booked other hotel na lang para tipid. Nice to see the photos of the TDL Hotel.

  2. My BFF tells me great things about Disneyland hotels, her family's "suki" in them since she was a little girl. I'd most likely feel a cross of how you feel -- "underdressed" but like a queen, too. Such elegance!

  3. Wow, nice review. Thank you for showing pictures of the hotel. Makes me want to check in there also when we go to Tokyo in the future.

  4. Wow! Staying in a hotel inside the Tokyo Disneyland complex is totally convenient for guests. It would lessen travel time and kids can be more comfortable knowing they can go back to the hotel easily. Thanks for sharing! Cheers to more travels!

  5. I'm sure you and your family is very happy about this trip. This is one of my goal, to travel and visit Disneyland with my family.

  6. By just looking at your photos, I also can't help looking at the tiny details! The hotel is so fantastic and elegant. And your family seemed to have a great time. Good to know that there are nearby hotels at Tokyo Disneyland themed park. You don't need to get stressed on travelling to and fro especially you got kids along.

  7. Wow! Tokyo Disneyland Hotel is soooo cute! Really looks like the castles in their movies! Ah how I wish we could go there in the near future! Need to save up for that! Hihi! The little girl in me is jumping for joy with everything Disney hehe

  8. Hurray for the fine china! I'm a sucker for pretty dinnerware. :) Love how everything follows the theme.

  9. So cute the toiletries. And your choice of hotel is really a good decision considering the theme of the room- even again the toiletries- and the convenience. no need for long drive to HK disneyland.

  10. What a grandiose hotel! I love that they have pajamas for their guests to make them feel at home. -- Maria Teresa Figuerres

  11. Really great hotel to check-in to. They have very nice interior design and definitely luxurious feeling. I bet your kid really enjoyed your Tokyo trip! :)

  12. Wow it looks so grand! I'm a fan of the bathroom. Who says only adults can enjoy luxury?

  13. Wow! I've never had the chance to get inside a Disneyland Hotel yet. I actually imagine the room to be all kiddie and Mickey Mousy. Haha! I was surprised to see that it's actually pretty elegant.

  14. Japan is my son's dream place to visit. We want to experience white Christmas there. I hope we will have a budget to tour this place soon.

  15. Yeah, looks really luxurious by the look of the bathroom! I may have feel like a disney princess too once I experienced a day on that hotel.

  16. I don't like Victorian designs much but I can tell from your photos that the hotel is indeed luxurious. Would love to experience staying there one day.

  17. That looks so luxurious! Haven't been to Tokyo Disneyland but will definitely keep this in mind. :)

  18. Super cute! I wish I can visit this someday :)

    Nina |

  19. I've never stayed in a Disneyland hotel so it's great to see photos of it. I'm hoping to bring the kids there when they're old enough. Ang hilig pa kasi magpakarga ni bunso!


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