DAY 4 (Part 2) ~ EXPO CITY

Osaka's Expo City is like Tokyo's Odaiba (read our Odaiba's adventure by clicking this link ~ Fun-fun Odaiba).
It is a children's paradise and every mom's shopping haven.

The Expo City was a perfect stop after spending the morning at Ikeda (Instant Ramen Museum).

Using the Hankyu-Takarakuza line we transferred to the Osaka Monorail at the Hotarugaike Station and we alighted at the Bampaku-kinen-koen Station, which is a short walk to Expo City.

You would find at the Expo City the following attractions.
  • Pokémon Expo Gym
  • Orbi Osaka
  • The Moving Animal Amusement Park - Anipo
  • The Nifrel Living Museum
  • 109 Cinemas
  • Lalaport Expocity

With so much to do a day wont be enough to experience everything. So we decided to do only the Orbi Osaka and Pokémon Expo Gym (since my boys are so into Pokémon).

Orbi Osaka a multi-sensory experience attraction by SEGA and BBC.

The Pokémon Expo Gym was a mandatory stop for my Pokémon Trainor kiddos...

Sorry kid, Pikachu will not fit inside our luggage...

I am sure you will be able to catch them all with this huge pokeball.

More Pokémon merchandise.
If shopping is your thing, Lalaport Expocity's collection of shops will surely satisfy your cravings.

The huge Uniqlo shop and Sario shop were great places to start "pasalubong" shopping.


  1. Surely, Pokemom lovers would find this place heaven. I am not into Pokemom but looking at the stuff and the happiness this brings to your boys, I find myself wanting to be there too. Surely my boys would love the adventure as well.

  2. The Expo City looks fun. Is there an entrance fee for each attraction? It is nice to shop in Uniqlo because it is much cheaper kaysa sa Pinas.

  3. Wow, those places are really great ones to visit for the whole family. I'm sure my kids will love it there too! I would love to go to the Uniqlo and Sanrio stores. Haha!

  4. Their Ferris wheel is huge! My son is not so much of a pokemon lover but he knows pikachu and the pokeball. I'm sure he'll be in awe to see those big ones! ♥


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