Saturday, June 24, 2017

DAY 6 ~ Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

Kaiyukan is one of Japan’s most spectacular aquariums, world-renowned for its innovative presentation of aquatic animals in large tanks recreated natural environment, such as:
  • Japan Forest
  • Aleutian Island
  • Monterey Bay
  • Gulf of Panama
  • Ecuador Rain Forest
  • Antartica
  • Tasman Sea
  • Great barrier reef
  • Pacific Ocean
  • Seto Inland Sea
  • Coast of Chile
  • Cook Straight
  • Icy, snow-clad Antarctica.

Easiest way from USJ going to Kaiyukan is via the shuttle ferry Captain Line. The Captain Line dock at the Universal City Port is about 5 minutes walk from USJ.  Travel time from the Universal City Port to Kaiyukan would take another 10 minutes. 

Mandatory pictorial with Kaiyukan's Giant Ferris Wheel

The long line of tourists queuing for Kaiyukan Entrance Tickets... so glad we bought ours at Captain Line boarding gates.

My youngest went wild talking photos and videos of the aquatic animals inside the park.  He was amazed to see different extrinsic animals. This place is on top of my family's list in Osaka.

Here are some of the videos we took at Kaiyukan:

TIP: If you are coming from USJ, get the "Kaiyukan and Captain Line Economical Package" and save about Y300 on ticket prices.  Also the ticket lines at the Kaiyukan gets pretty long and you would be happy to skip the ticket box queue.

For more information about Kaiyukan Osaka Aquarium please visit their website at

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  1. Wow! Japan is in my bucket list, I want to go to Universal Studios "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Love this and will note for future travel with my family, my daughter love animals and she'll definitely amaze on the penguins and sea otter.

  2. sadly we werent able to try the kaiyukan when we went to osaka. we rode the tempozan and captain line and dinaan daanan lang namin ang kaiyukan. hindi pa kasi sya included sa osaka amazing pass :(

  3. We like visiting zoo and aquarium so for sure we will include this in our itinerary if ever we will go to Osaka. We will take videos too. :) I'm sure my son will like this aquarium.

  4. Penguins! My youngest has been asking to see them for some time now. Thanks for this. Even showed him the videos you included. How fun!

  5. Was it your son who took most of the photos? He certainly has an eye for details and beauty. I like it that kids get to enjoy the trip. They certainly learn from the experience. Kudos to parents like you who let kids enjoy other places thorough travelling.