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Day 4 in Seoul (A Private Tour : Seoul ~ Sanjeong Lake, Pocheon Art Valley and Herb Island)

Our Day 4 in South Korea was in the outskirt of Seoul ~ Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do.  As it was a little difficult to reach I contacted, "This is Korea" Tours to customize a private tour for my family.

Andy, our Tour Specialist (TS) cum driver and photographer picked us up at the Metro Hotel at 11am as agreed.  It was an easy ride on board a 7-seater limousine van for our family of 4. 

Our tour was personalized based on what we wanted so long as the entire trip is all within the 10 hours we've commissioned.  For our trip, we've decided on Sanjeong Lake, Pocheon Art Valley and Herb Island.


Sanjeong Lake is situated between Myeongseongsan and Mangbongsan Mountain.  Its name means "as clear as a mountain well". It was built in 1925 as a reservoir to supply to farmlands in Pocheon.

Reached Sanjeong Lake Park early afternoon ~ perfect weather for a cup of hot coffee 

Lots of things to do in the lake park.  We took a paddle boat and walked the lake promenade.

I am the designated photographer, while the big boys paddle

The view of the  Sanjeong Lake is calm and relaxing.  I could kill hours here, just be looking at the lake.  During winter the lake freezes and turns into a huge skating rink (that would be fun).

Every turn ~ is picture perfect.

The Cheonjuho Lake in Pocheon Art Valley is a one of the filming site for the Korean telenovela Legend of the Blue Sea

There are 2 ways to reach the main attractions, walking a steep hill or via the monorail. It was an easy choice for us ~ via the monorail.  

The Pocheon Art Valley used to be a quarry and later transformed into a culture and art gallery.  


My once little boy, again fooling around.

Click here if you want to see a video of

This attraction is an herbs complex complete with a museum, arts and crafts center and beautiful herbs garden.  We specifically mentioned to our guide, that we wanted to visit this attraction last to see the night garden illumination (which is timed at sunset).

Oh and if you are into Kdramas ~ scenes from Hyde, Jekyll and I; Criminal  Mind, Oh my Venus where shot here.

We had early dinner in one the restaurants located inside the Herb Island complex.

Us with our Tour Specialist (TS).

Upon the recommendation of our TS, we tried Bulgogi and Mushroom Hotpot.

Even the food is "Instagram worthy". Our TS insisted we try bulgogi with flowers ~Yes, we tried it... the meat and spices overpowered the flower so it was okay with me.  However, my hubby doesn't like it with flowers.  He liked the soup though and wont stop talking about how flavorful it is. 

Jalapeno anyone? 

Pictures from the Herbs Island Garden ~

We enjoyed our private tour of Pocheon ~ it was every bit the relaxing and  de-stressing trip we have hoped for.  Our TS genuinely cared for our interests and appeal. 

For customized and hassle free tour of Seoul, we highly recommended "This Is Korea".

For inquiries please check This is Korea webpage at 

Or contact them via email to: 


  1. The lake looks so nice! It would be great to see it during winter too when it's frozen, noh? The food all look so yummy too. I'm especially intrigued with the bulogogi and mushroom hotpot. I love mushrooms!

    1. The food was very good not to mention healthy. Oh yes, would be nice to see the lake frozen during winter. But i think it would be too cold for me to enjoy 😁

  2. Private tour is really better compared to group tours especially if you have kids in tow. At least now you enjoy your tour, hindi na mabilisan. I've watched Oh My Venus Kdrama series.

    1. Private tours are nicer, unfortunately also more expensive. It was pretty nice though and more relaxed.

  3. I'd loooove to try the foods in the Herb Island. It looks really yum! The places you visited are absolutely wonderful! But, btw, how does it feel to be the only rose among the thorns, sis? :) Only rose din ako pero di ko pa masyadong feel kasi we're just a fam of 3 for now.

    1. I always have some one to carry my bags and stuffs, open doors for me. Eventually madami na din akong driver ��

  4. We weren't able to visit Pocheon Art Valley last spring, but we'll definitely visit that place next year. Very picturesque, I love the scenery! :)

    1. Pocheon Valley was a bit out of the way and we really had to put on additional effort to get there. But it was all worth it.

  5. the place is picturesque. South Korea is part of my bucket list (after Japan). I wish we could visit this place soon

    1. I just love the weather in these 2 countries. There are so much things to do. I am eyeing on Nagoya or Jeju for winter, God willing.

  6. Pocheon Art Valley is so pretty and the food you ate all look delicious!

    1. It was good / healthy food at the Herb Island. And yup, thats the most colorful bowl of soup I have had ever.

  7. Sa sobrang addict ko sa KDrama, I also dreamt of travelling to those places. Ang sarap lang magpictorial jan ano? :)


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