Sunday, May 22, 2016

End of Summer Hurrah at Club Manila East

With barely two weeks left in summer, my family decided on an impromptu family swimming at one of Rizal's premier resorts, Club Manila East (CME).

CME is huge resort complex made up of a huge fantasy lagoon for kayaking and surfbikes (water bicycles), a kiddie pool, adult pools (a sun-screened pool, a 3-looped, 30-ft high slide, a 25-meter lap pool and a bean pool) and the resort's star attractions "2 wave pools (BeachWaves and OceanWaves, where one can actually do some serious surfing)".

CME also has basketball courts, volleyball courts and ziplines. Unfortunately, I was unable to tour the entire CME grounds as I was the designate "yaya" to my 7 year old, who would not leave the water.

Anyway, here is a quick peak at CME:

We rented a two (2) cabanas for our family of 25. Each cabana can seat down 15 persons, 7am to 7pm rental cost is P1500 each (not bad).
Entrance  is P325 weekdays/P375 weekends; Free for kids below 3 feet (Note: they have senior citizen rates, so be sure to ask if you have seniors along).

My dad enjoying the view (yup pretty ladies in skimpy bikinis, nah!)

Meanwhile, in the other cabana, sits my 93 year old Lola. I think she is secretively wanting to do some swimming too.

Club Manila East also offers overnight accommodations, overnight villas costs P3000-P3300 per villa, which includes breakfast for 2.

This cute (fake) buko tree is actually a stand-in shower (swimmers are required to shower before going swimming). 

Water, water everywhere...

The fantasy lagoon is right infront of our cabana.

The family wasted no time and jumped right in.
Water is surprisingly warm... "ang sarap lumangoy"!

 Wondering where most of the people are? Head to one of CME's wave pools ~ the BeachWave!

The wave pool in action :P (sorry no videos of the OceanWave)

I think my youngest had the most fun at CME ~ I will let this picture do the talking :P  

  • CME does not come cheap at P375 per head. If you are a big family, entrance alone could easily pile to thousands.  Consider instead hiring a private pool ~ like Cattleya Resort Antipolo.
  • However, having said that, I think my family seemed to have enjoyed CME more with its multitude of specialized pools.
  • Previously CME does not allow food to be brought inside. Buying food from their concessionaires was the only option.  They have for the time being, allowed bringing in of food (drinks still not allowed though), but their notice says it is only until December 2016.  Be sure to check out this information on their website incase of changes.
  • No facilities for cooking (including grilling).  There is no refrigerator either.
  • The place is clean and well kept. The swimming pools were also well maintained.  The pools were clean (less for the kiddie pool, hell knows what is in there... I am not sure if CME requires swimming pants/diapers from babies/toddlers). 
  • The cabanas were nice too, though it needs a bit of updating.  The cabanas also lacked chairs.   We were only given 15 chairs for sharing. We were informed additional chairs are coming, but yup NONE came (boo-hoo). 

For more information about Club Manila East check out their website at

Club Manila East is located at
Km.24 Manila East Road, Taytay Rizal
Tel 284-4740/54 and 660-2801 to 02


  1. Im from rizal too and I've never tried club manila east yet. I hope we could still try it panghabol sa tag init!

  2. Bookmarked the Cattleya Resort which i got from your previous post. With P375 per head, yes ita kinda mahal na for us considering we have four boys na Agad. nway, katuwa naman si daddy and his nice view plus si lola and her sana wish. :)

  3. The price is quite affordable, and there are lots of activities for the whole fambam! You surely had a great summer escapade! -- Naria Teresa Figuerres

  4. Rates nga are kinda steep if the resort doesn't come with all the facilities the typical Filipino family usually looks for in a resort. But the view is nice!

  5. It's always nice to have a family outing!! I haven't been to CME, though.

  6. We went there I think 4 years ago. The entrance is indeed pricey plus you have no choice but buy from their concessionaire. My kids enjoyed kayaking there and had a blast sliding. We also enjoyed the wave pool!

  7. Yeah, heard a lot of good things about Club Manila East. Just haven't gone there. The place really looks nice! :)

  8. OMG matatapos na summer hindi pa din kami nakakapag swimming. CME looks like a nice place to have a good time with your family.

  9. I've been to CME before. I can't seem to remember though who I went with. Haha. This is such a great way to cap off summer. Hay, so fast, pasukan na naman in a few days. Waaa

  10. one of the many reasons kaya hindi pa kame nagpupunta dito kahit malapit lang... ang mahal ng entrance! waaah

  11. with the entrance fee, they should've set up a grilling station for the guests. but your family seemed to enjoy it so mukhang worth it naman ang naging trip nyo =)

  12. Another good resort worth to visit, yun lang they do not allow to bring foods inside. And I agree na when you are in a big group, might as well rent private resort nalang.

    Mhaan <3 | Mommy Rockin' In Style Blog

  13. I've always wanted to try Club Manila East but never got to go. Looks like a good place to go for a quick swimming trip.

  14. I like the shower tree what a nifty idea. The entrance fee though does seem a bit expensive so I'd probably go for something else. Looks like fun though!

  15. this looks like a nice place to visit in Rizal.


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