Island Cove Zoo

I would like to start with a warning:
Although Island Cove Zoo's ground is quite huge,  there are very few animals around.  And there weren't much zoo keepers and greeters either. 
We had very little choice, but to tour the place on our own!
As the place is huge, I would suggest you bring your own car inside the zoo, instead of waiting for the free ride, which is a waste of your precious time.
The places of interest are pretty much scattered around,  if you have minimal time to spend I suggest you head straight to the Monkey Island.
My son, measuring his height vs. Mr. Ostrich and Mr. Crocodile!

Literally monkeying around :D

My hubby baby :)

Pretend time - "Cute boy wearing shades, swallowed by Mr. Lion" - Youch!!!

Inside the butterfly sanctuary,  too bad there weren't much butterflies to brag about,
good this bench is cozy!!!

Mr. Ostrich is  quite shy... =(
Buy bananas and feed the monkeys.  My boys had fun watching the monkeys race getting the bananas...

The tigers just finished eating, so as you can see it is now time for some R&R.



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