Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wiling-Wili sa Willy's Rock

My 5 year old calls it, a "huge rock - with trees".

We were quite fascinated with this unique rock formation found 30+ meters away from the beach front.   You literally would have to wade across into a waist deep water to reach Willy's Rock.  It was quite fun really and my boys were giggling as we made our way towards the rock.

Water was just about hip deep and there were plenty of small fishes swimming around Willy's Rock.  My boys were excited they finally got to use their snorkels and play freely around the rock (water was the calmest ever...).  "Sayang" we should have bought bread for fish feeding with us.

Best time to go there is in the morning, while there are still few people. It can get pretty crowded mid-day and late afternoon. 

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