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Holy Land 2019 ~ Mount Tabor (DAY 10 ~ ISRAEL - JORDAN)

DAY 10 - The Long Travel to Jordan 

Today is our last day in Israel.  I felt there is so much more to see and things to do here and our stay in this blessed country is simply not enough.  I swore we will be back ~ next time hopefully with our family.

Our last stop is Mount Tabor (The Mount of Transfiguration).

In early days, pilgrims needed to climb 4300 steps to reach the summit.  
We got lucky, since now, there are shuttle taxi buses (the steep curves makes it difficult for big buses to climb the Mountain) for an easier ascend.

This fig tree is a welcome treat when we arrived at Mount Tabor.

In the Book of Genesis, it is said that Adam and Eve used fig leaves to cover their nudity after eating the forbidden fruit from the tree of good and evil.

Finally on top of Mount Tabor ~


Mount Tabor is believed to be the possible location of the Transfiguration of Jesus. 

 The "Basilica of the Transfiguration"  was built on top of the Mount, with a mosaic of Jesus surrounded by Moses and Elijah, and below them, Peter, James and John, to commemorate the event.

The church has "three chapels, with a small altar which represents the three huts which Peter wanted to build for Jesus, the other two for Moses and Elijah". 

We held mass at the Tabernacle of Moses.

On our way down Mount Tabor, we met Dr. Love himself, Mr June Banaag!

We exited Israel via the Allenby Bridge (also known as the King Hussein Bridge). The ride from Israel to Jordan took about 5 hours and we were hungry by the time we reached Amman, Jordan.    Waiting at Jordan side of the border is our tour guide in Jordan, David.

David knew exactly where to take us for our first stop in Jordan ~ 

We were served a traditional Jordanian dish ~ Mansaf.  Mansaf is made of lamb cooked in a sauce of fermented dried yogurt called Jameed and served with rice or bulgur. A casserole made of layers of rice, vegetables and meat.  

Well, lo and behold,  the restaurant doubles as one-stop souvenir shop :P

I am guessing, you know what this means :P


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