Puerto Princesa Palawan Family Reunion

"Palawan is a sight to behold. The people are friendly and warm. We are happy to be there."
These were the last entry in my last Palawan post, when my husband and I visited in 2010.
(Read the full post here...>>>Out Working in Puerto Princesa Palawan)

When we left for Manila, we promised ourselves to come back and bring our family next time.  We finally had the chance to do just that, when my brother and his wife, visited us from abroad.

Our return to Palawan, has just become a Family Reunion.

We got very little time to prepare and we were all busy at work, since we needed to make everything hassle free for the youngest and oldest of our family members, we decided to book our tours via a travel agency.

 I found Legendary Tours Palawan in one of the travel expos we have visited in Manila and I am proud to say we got our tours at real good discounted rates.  It was a swift transact with Carina and Christian of Legendary Tours. They were very efficient and accommodating, highly recommended

Our itinerary:

Day 1 (Noon Arrival) Check-in and City Tour

-Check in at One Manalo Place (the hotel's van picked us up from the airport, airport pick-up and drop off was part of our package);
-Left our luggage at the resort and took the resort's van to Ka Lui for lunch (which we pre-booked through the help of the hotel concierge; Palaweños are so helpful.) ~ I will write about our Ka Lui experience in a separate post; We asked Legandary Tours to pick us up at Ka Lui for our City Tour.
-City Tour started at about 1pm and covered: Cathedral, Plaza Cuartel, Butterfly Eco Garden and Tribal Village, Mitra Ranch, Crocodile Farm, Baker's Hill and (the best part) Souvenir shopping.

Our first stop was the Cathedral

Then off to the Pretty butterflies at the Butterfly Eco Garden...

Also housing some icky insects (I am not touching those)

Later we were treated to quick show at Tribal Village (also located inside the Butterfly Eco Garden).

One of the more famous attractions in Palawan is the Crocodile Farm.

Here is my youngest son goofing around.

Crocodile overload 

Followed by the wonderful view from the Mitra Farm. It is a vast farm land owned by the family of the late Senator Raul Mitra.  

Our tour included a stop at Baker's Hill, which is known for its beautifully decorated garden and their baked pastries and delicacies.

Our guide bought us Baker's Hill's best selling "hopia" to try. It was good  (my mom liked it) and makes good "pasalubong" as well.   

Our boys harassing Ms. Monroe (headed by my Dad)

And my son, gamely striking poses before the camera...

Day 2 ~ Underground River (inclusive of lunch)

This is our (my husband and I) second time at the Underground River ~ so we quite knew what to expect.  It was the first time though for our children and my Balikbayan brother.

Unlike our previous tour, they now lend guests recorded narration giving out information of the Underground River.  I understand that this effort is to ensure conservation of the park, as loud noises is disturbing the bats' ecosystem. 

Note: My parents skipped this tour.  The "banca" has low seating, which would make it difficult for my PWD father to sit down.

If you can only take, one tour in Puerto Princesa, make sure you choose this one.  And remember to book your tour in advance as this is one of the most popular tours ~ and is often fully booked.  

Check this video taken inside the Underground River cave~

Day 3 ~ Honda Bay Tour (inclusive of lunch)

~We were travelling with seniors plus my dad, can't walk too well, so instead of the usual island hop on and off, we decided to stay at Isla Pandan.  

My parents, playing the role of "Bakasyonistas".

Welcome to (picture perfect) Isla Pandan. 

I missed these fishes from our previous visit.  They are so relaxing and fun to watch at the same time.

Coconut was more expensive on the island, but what the heck ~ the beautiful view of the ocean makes it, taste a lot better!

After tiring ourselves from feeding and swimming  after the fishes, we've earned our passes to a lunch buffet spread. 

We had a wonderful 3 days adventure packed, but restful  holiday at Puerto Princesa Palawan ~ so apt to say that  Puerto Princesa is a piece of heaven on earth.

We hope to be back in Palawan,
next time to conquer Coron and El Nido. 


  1. Your itinerary is perfect for our family. Most of it, at least. Would love to take the kids to Palawan someday. What tribe is in Palawan?
    Batak ba yun? :)

  2. My first and only visit to Puerto Princesa was 20 years ago. I didn't even get to tour much because we were there for a school project. But I did get to see the Cathedral and the Crocodile Farm. Hoping to go back with our family soon too.

  3. I love Palawan, been to El Nido and Coron. I wish to travel back, now with our daughter. Will try the Puerto Princesa underground river and island hopping naman, we only had a half day tour in PP kasi. Hindi rin kami nakapunta sa Butterfly Eco garden. Glad you love Palawan too, I can see from the pictures that you really had fun.


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