Palm Beach Resort Laiya Batangas ~ Resort Review

With all the hassle in the city  and I have been dreaming kicking of my high heels to do some barefoot walking on sand again ~ I thought some vitamin SEA was timely!

So we hopped on the family car and found ourselves back to one of favorite relaxation scene ~ Laiya Batangas.  

We love that it is barely 3 hours away Manila and the beach stretch is clean and tranquil.

Our latest discovery is Palm Beach Resort

Palm Beach is a bit tucked away from the rest of the Laiya Beaches, which makes it perfect for real time peace and quiet.

Unfortunately the sand was quite coarse (so be sure to wear the right shoes), but water is clear and view is faultless.

We stayed at the ground floor of Casa Blanca.  We could not have chosen a more perfect room.  It is closest to the resort's infinity pool and the dining hall. 

The Casa Blanca is perfectly sized for our family of four.  It is fitted with 2 queen beds and a day bed.  

There is wifi and cable, but never really got to use them much as we were out soaking up the scenery. 

 We slept soundly with the billowing waves outside as background. 

We get to check out the infinity pool, 
which my youngest enjoyed a lot.


  • As expected we had a wonderful family time at Palm Beach ~ it was really rejuvenating and just what our stressed out bodies ordered.  It was one of the most relaxing vacations we have had.
  • The full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner with morning and afternoon snacks) that came with our package was simple yet delectable.  
  • Staff were likewise amazing ~ cordial and cheerful.

Palm Beach Resort is located in Barangay Hugom Laiya, 
San Juan Batangas 

For inquiries and reservation please visit their webpage at 


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