Day 3 in Saigon ~ China Town and Saigon Opera House

Our Day 3 in Saigon is a bit relaxed compared to yesterday's full day itinerary covering both Cu Chi Tunnel and Mekong Delta.

Day 3 is a half day China Town Walking tour with Saigon Hotpot and a Traditional Vietnamese Show at the Saigon Opera House later in the evening.

As I have mentioned in our Day 1 in Saigon ~ Saigon Hotpot is a non-profit organization, offering FREE guided tours of Saigon.  We also enlisted in their China Town Tours ~ check them via their website: Saigon Hotpot.

Our tour ambassador (TA), for today is Ms. Tram.  She was already waiting  at hotel lobby when we went down to meet her.

We took a cab to China Town and visited temples in the area. Our TA was very knowledgeable on the culture and traditions...

From China Town we took a cab to Hard Rock Café for lunch (and some "souvenir" shopping).

I love the Hard Rock set up "chilled vibes".

I can't say no, to a "(feeling) Rock Star" photo-ops!

Food was very good as expected ~ we got barbeque chicken and hickory smoked ribs with lemonade.

We ended our morning tour early and went back to the Majestic Hotel to freshen up and ready to watch the Teh Dar show at the Saigon Opera House.

Look what we found on our way to the Opera House (lol!)

We got our show tickets directly via Saigon Opera House official website: Lune Production 

We availed of a show and cuisine combo package which included dinner at Hoa Tuc Restaurant.    

TIP: Come 30 minutes early to enjoy free refreshments and a tour of the Opera House.

There are currently 4 regular rotating productions shown at Saigon Opera House.  Our schedule allowed us to see Teh Dar ~  the show highlights the Vietnamese highlanders way of life: hunting, festivities romance, death and reincarnation depicted in daring acrobatic acts.  

It is a very good show worth watching!

Dinner at Hoa Tuc was equally wonderful.  There were 2 menu options to choose from, we got one of each :P

The show and the fine dinner at the Hoa Tuc was an icing on the cake to cap off our final night in Saigon.

We will definitely miss Saigon!

I you missed our Day 1 and 2 in Saigon, please check and follow the links below:


  1. Your third day is more relaxed nga. I haven't tried watching shows in other countries except yung sa mga theme park shows. hehe! I will try that next time.

  2. I can see you both had a great time! Like Michi, I've never tried watching shows in Opera houses yet. Ever. Hopefully, we get to try that too. Oh, the food! How can I not mention that? lol. It's visually appealing.

  3. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I can't wait for the time when we can already travel as a family! My son is only 3mos old and I am already thinking of places/countries to bring him. I really enjoy reading blogs like this.

  4. smoked ribs ftw! thanks for sharing your itinerary

  5. Didn't realize there was still a HArd Rock Cafe! Looks like a great trip!

  6. I hope we could visit another Asian country again soon.

  7. So many great food options in Vietnam! Sana next time we can visit this country din. :)

  8. I went to Saigon before when I was still single. I'm looking forward to exploring the city again with my family next time around :-)

  9. SAIGON opera House!!!! seriously, I would want to experience that, too. Been wanting to travel to Vietnam because of the rice fields but now, I got another new motivation - again, the SAIGON opera house.


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