Bohol Dophin Watching and Balicasag Island

For Day 3 of our Bohol Escapade,  we booked a Dolphin Watching and Island Hoping Package tour.

The tour included:
(1) Dolphin Watching
(2) Trip to Balicasag Island
(3) Round trip  boat transfers with guide
(4) Seafood lunch
(5) Snorkeling and fish feeding (if you are up for it) - I personally find this portion of the tour a little dangerous. Guest will be boarded a paddle banca for a 5-10 minutes ride to the Marine Sanctuary.  I was stunned to see  7-8 pax fit inside such a small both (without life vest)!

(6) Visit to Virgin Island - I liked this part of the tour best...

Prepping!  Life saver - check; Binocular - check!!!
Darn, I forgot to bring my PSP!!!

Water, water every where!

I think I see one Paps!!!

My son, getting excited over the dolphins!

It was difficult to get a good view of the Dolphins.  I can't blame them, they were about 8 boats running after them.  It seems as if we were Dolphin Chasing over Dophin Watching.

There are lots of cheap Dolphin Watching and Island Hoping tours at the jump off point in Alona Beach.  Instead of booking this tour through your hotel, you can actually get it cheaper at Alona Beach directly. 

If you can choose a boat, suggest you choose one thats new and that would sail fast, if you want a good glimpse of those Dolphins!!!  


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