Island Hoping in Bohol

Three words - sun, water and sand!!!

Beautiful Balicasag

First in our itinerary is Balicasag Island.  BALICASAG ISLAND is a dive island, and is for a fact named as one of the best dive resorts in the country.   The sand, however, is quite rocky (with broken sea shells), if you are not careful could end you with a date Mr. Betadine.  It was good we came prepared and got everyone beach shoes. 

Scavenging  the sea shore!!!

Kuya, loving the beach!

My son,  insisted he bring his beach toys all the way from Manila. 
It saved me a few hundred pesos.  The only place to get beach toys here is at Alona Beach, which is quite expensive.

Crystal clear!

We left Balicasag early, since we were not enjoying the beach as much and decided to go to our next island VIRGIN ISLAND.

It was still low tide and quite difficult to navigate the boat. The corals and sea rocks were just a few feet deep and one wrong move,  might cause the bottom of the boat to hit one of those rocks or corals :C  underneath.

Finally Virgin Island in sight!

 VIRGIN ISLAND is one of the many islands  in Bohol.  It is a lovely crescent shape island bar.  I  My family liked this one, better than Balicasag.  Sand is so fine, we just had to take of our beach shoes.

The 1/2 jump shot!  We tried and tried,  but alas... :(

Star fishes abound in Virgin Island

Goodbye walk :(

So sad we had to leave so soon. 


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