Baluarte ni Chavit!

Welcome to Baluarte!!!

Baluarte - owned by Ilocos Sur Governor Chavit Singson is a sight to behold. 

It is like a mini theme park. Entrance is free and so are the rides, shows and face to face encounters with animals roaming the grounds.

We were welcomed to a small chapel located infront of the park.  There were plenty of tourist inside the park, but the chapel was obviously quiet.
At the entrance are different breeds of birds. These ones gaily posed for photo opps.
Not to be missed is the free miniature horse rides.  Would you believe this mini-horse is already 12 years old (that is about 39 years old in horse's years).

My 4 year old playing cow boy :P

Yo! Cowboy... (he wont leave the souvenir shop without a cowboy hat)!

Great background more picture takings. Looked real alright!

Mid-way, uphill to the Lion's cage is a small pool for the ducks.  My boys love ducks!

Yup!  I was surprised to see reindeers in Vigan too!

Mini horses freely roam the park...

The famous Chavit lion - has appeared in various tv shows as we were told by attendants.

Show-off Peacock... begging for a picture!

This one is a Sarimanok.  I always thought they are just mytical, never knew they really existed until I saw this one.  At first I though it was dead, then it moved.  Awesome!!!  I wonder how much Mr. Singson paid for this one....

Told you those dinosaurs are good for picture taking :P  
My boys gamely striked a pose!!! I had to say sorry to my little one when he begged to take one home... (hindi po kakasya sa sasakyan :P) 

BALUARTE is a must visit when heading to Vigan.  Be warned, however, that it could get awfully hot noon time especially during summer.  So buying those cowboy hats (@P90-120) could very well come in handy!!!


  1. I really hope the management of Baluarte, as well as the tourists, come to realize that they should be more sensitive to the plight of the dwarf horses. The Baluarte offers free carriage rides by the dwarf horses to their detriment. Today, I witnessed a sight of exhausted and wounded dwarfed horses being whipped every 3 seconds so as to carry a load of an average of 3 adults at a quicker pace. Animals are not machines and people should be more aware of this. Attached is a photo of one of the wounded and very exhausted dwarf horses.


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