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SINGAPORE - MALAYSIA Itinerary and Tips (8D/7N)

Singapore never runs out of things to do for everyone. This particular itinerary was tailor fitted for families travelling with young children (mine are ages 6 and 10).

The plan was 1 day Singapore City tour, then an overnight at LEGOLAND Malaysia, before returning again to Singapore to finish the remaining days of our vacation.

Our mode of transportation in Singapore is via taxi, which proved to be more convenient and faster for a family of 4.  Travel by taxi was a bit expensive, but it saved us some walking time and energy to enjoy the attractions more.  Remember we were travelling with children and the attractions are NOT really right next to the MRT.  It would take another 8-10 minutes of walking .  Under Singapore's humid weather - walking is an absolute punishment to the young kiddos. 

Here is our 8D/7N itinerary (will add links and details as I finish writing them).

Day 1 - Singapore City
Day 2 and 3 - LEGOLAND Malaysia
Day 4 - Jurong Bird Park and Science Center
Day 5 - Singapore Zoo (with breakfast with the Orangutans)
Day 6 - Sentosa Island
Day 7 - Universal Studio Singapore 
Day 8 - SEA Aquarium and Vivo City

I tried to pack in as much attractions as I could, but with children in tow, too much is impossible.  So instead, I tried to be realistic. 

General TIPS:
  1. Plan ahead.  My rule of thumb is at least 6 months preparation. The earlier you book your air travel and hotels the more you save. 
  2. Travel light.  Pack light cotton clothes with the same color hues for easier matching.  Make a list of things to bring (with your passport, money and travel vouchers on the top of the list).
  3. Plan your itinerary. There are so many things to do in Singapore.  With limited time, you would have to learn to prioritize which ones you really like.  Group attractions near each other.
  4. Buying SGD. We got ours from our main bank.  You would be unable to buy SGD unless you have a bank account. If that would be a problem, you would be happy to know that you can easily exchange your Philippine Pesos to Singaporean Dollar at the Changi Airport.
  5. Budget. Budget all depends on where you stay and what you intend to do.  Cost is slightly more along Orchard Road and mostly tripled inside parks and  resorts. Our budget for 4 pax is: 
    • Food - breakfast at SGD20-30; lunch and dinner at SGD 40-50 each.
    • Taxi transfers depending on where you are going. From Orchard taxi fare is about SGD15-25 (including peak surcharges) from most tourist attractions.
  6. Download helpful smart phone applications. 
    • Trip Advisor Singapore
    • Exchange Rates - XE Currency application allows you to convert for multiple currencies at the same time.
    • My Sentosa Plan your Stay  - was helpful in planning and deciding which attractions to visit, but was a poor navigation guide. 
    • Offline Maps. I downloaded some, but found the free maps at Changi more useful.
  7. Buying data plan to stay in touch with your family in Manila.  We bought Singtels SGD50, with free 5GB data. My phone was on wi-fi hotspot status which enabled data share with my family.  
  8. Must bring.
    • good quality selfie-stick
    • 3 prong British Standard outlet
    • extra battery pack
    • light jacket
    • umbrella (in Singapore it is either raining or the scorching sun is out)
    • face towel (bring a handheld fan if you have one)
    • be sure your have comfortable shoes. Singapore is the walking capital of Asia! 
    • also bring: plenty of water (water in Singapore is potable, you can buy a bottled water and refill to save on money) and tissue (hawker centers charge extra for tissues). 


    1. Nice Singapore travel tips! Looking forward to read your whole Singapore escapade!

    2. It was surely a lot of fun! I really hope I could bring my kiddos there too! I better be saving up now! :) thanks for the tips and the share! :)

      1. Oh yup save up! Should have included that in my Singapore trip tips. Singapore is really an expensive city, especially the attractions.

    3. Bookmarking this as my guide for my first out of the country trip this year! Tnx!

      1. Thanks Nhessie A. I hope my tips are helpful in your Singapore planning.

    4. It's been a while since I last went to Singapore. I think it was wayback '09 pa nga. I should check out the place soon. Can't wait to bring my kids to see Universal Studios Sing. :) Thanks for the tips! Will definitely keep this in mind. -

      1. Hi Peachy, my kids actually enjoyed LEGOLAND more and is less expensive than USS. But then maybe is just my kids since they are so into Lego toys.

    5. True, there are so many activities in SG, I still have list of must visit places there. The last time that we visited SG, we took advantage the MRT, as in no taxi or bus ride experience. #tipidmode

      1. Hi Michi, I wanted to try out the public transport myself, but later decided on convenience since we are travelling with children. Next time will leave the #kulits and experience Singapore on backpack with hubby!

    6. I will bookmark this as we plan to go to Singapore too!;) Thanks

      1. Hi Sis! Thanks... I hope my posts will be helpful in your Singapore planning.

    7. Oh my, I just realized it's been a looooong time since I've been to Singapore -- Jurong and the Singapore Zoo are the only places I've been to in your itinerary.

      1. There are so many attractions in Singapore, but quite expensive, For me the best ones I have been to are still the zoo parks. I love their zoos, really world class. The animals are treated well.

    8. I yet have to take my family to travel within The Philippines hahahaha. But I love this post, it's so informative and complete. Natawa naman ako sa "good quality selfie-stick' - tama nga naman sinu ang kukuha ng photos, kailngan ko na rin bumili nyan hehehe.

      1. That is okay Mamanee! to be honest, I still prefer our local travels in Vigan, Bohol and Palawan. Singapore may have world class parks, but our beaches are way better. Oh, the selfie stick was a hit with the foreigners, they were amazed with the wonder accessory. Go get one before any planned travels (hahaha)!

    9. Ang tagal nyo :)) Most people I know less than one week and SG-Malaysia though everything else seem so cramped up kasi ang iksi ng time. Thanks for sharing these tips. Will take note of it :)

      1. Hi Ayi, kasi we wanted to maximize airfare cost (lol) - so my supposedly 5 days became 8 days. It was tiring though. When we came back, we spent 2 days sleeping and resting our tired feet. Hubby and I actually went to Ace Water spa on the 3rd day for hydro massage. Sakit sa katawan at sa bulsa (lol)!

    10. How I wish my husband can take a leave for 8 days! LOL. This is one problem in being in service, he can't leave the country for too long. Hence, it is so hard to plan an out-of-the-country trip! But thanks for the itinerary. At least I have an idea as to what we can do in Singapore or Malaysia.

    11. Thanks for the travel tips. Will definitely keep those in mind.


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