Day 7 in Seoul ~ Everland Themepark

My first real dilemma when I started planning for our Seoul trip was which theme park to visit ~ Seoul's most well loved theme  parks are Everland and Lotte World.

Everland is a open park located about two hours away from Seoul, while Lotte World is an indoor theme park easily accessible via the Seoul Subway.

I eventually ended choosing Everland since
it is spring time and the weather is perfect for an outdoor adventure.

We got an Everland tour package with transfers (as we do not want to worry about ending up lost somewhere) via Klook.  The tour is serviced by KTours, one of Korea's well established tour agencies.

Pick up was near Myeongdong Station (we were quite familiar with this place now, as this is the pick up point for most of our booked tours) ~ we were there early and had enough time for coffee. 

Hmm, coffee is this cold weather is perfect!

Yehey, finally arrived at Everland.  We got there around 10am and the place was already packed (30-50 minutes waiting time per ride, longer for the crowd favorites).  

We did not really want to do rides anyway and were more interested in taking souvenir photos, so we were just fine with the crowd.

We managed to squeeze in a couple of rides at the European Adventure area for my youngest though.

We did the following:
Festival Train 
Rotating House (my boy loved this ride, and declared it his "best ride ever")
Mystery Mansion
Spooky House

We also watched the Panda Musical (not very exciting though and made us a bit sleepy... it was a musical and in Korean so go figure)

We left the park early and availed of the early return to Seoul options.  I have read from the other blogs that the fireworks should not be missed, but as it was our last night in Seoul, we (actually mostly "I") wanted to so some last minute shopping at Myeongdong.

Heading back to the Bus Pick-up Station, we took the Sky Cruise.  

Goodbye Everland!

Here are some tips when heading to Everland:
  1. If you are a Disneyland or a Universal Studio frequent visitor you may find the park mediocre. So if you are not really into theme parks, you might as well give this attraction a pass.
  2. Wear comfortable shoes (It is a huge park) and be prepared for the long (sometimes uphill) walks and wait time. Don't get discouraged with the waiting time posted at the attraction entrance though, in most of the rides we've visited actual wait time is less (e.g., posted wait time is 40 minutes, but actual wait time is only 20 minutes).
  3. If you are there for the rides, plan your itinerary accordingly to cover more grounds.  Get fast pass called "Q-pass" for an easy entry.
  4. Download the Everland Application.  Details were in Korean, but it was fine as it also prompts user with the wait time. It was also very useful in navigating the park.  
  5. Food is a bit costly inside the park. We had our lunch at Garden Terrace (average cost per meal per person at W10,000) also located at the European Village, but bought along snacks and water from Myeongdong.
  6. If you want to save yourself the hassle of planning your transfers, I suggest you book the Everland with transfer option,
  7. Have fun and enjoy!

More from our Seoul Korea trip up in my blog, just click the link: 


  1. Everland is far pala, I thought within Seoul lang siya. Mas okay nga yung may transfer kung ganun kalayo. I'm not fond of rides but I still visit theme park for shows and souvenir photos too.

  2. It still looks like a nice place to visit even if you weren't able to go on a lot of rides. The park looks very Instagram-worthy!

  3. This park looks awesome and beautiful, grabeh ilang araw ba kayo jan sa Seoul sis? sarap ng long vacay nyo. Sasali ko tong park na to sa bucket list if ever na maligaw kami sa Korea in the future.

  4. Very helpful tips. I didn’t know they have this in korea. I’d love to visit it. I like the giant rtist palette. 😁

  5. You and your hubby's photo dun sa may mga payong is perfect! Natawa ako dun sa inantok kayo, lol. Siguro mga toddlers ang mag eenjoy dun. Don't know if we'll ever be able to go to Korea but, habang may buhay, may pag-asa. lol.


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